Wednesday, May 5, 2021

mass line in May Day Joint declaration 20 21-

 the proletarians and popular masses must, in all possible forms, in each country and on a world scale, express their utmost efforts to:+

- intensify the class struggle, strengthen their instruments of resistance and defense, the class trade unions - schools of war and communism - the workers' struggles in the factories, in the sectors of highest exploitation, in the new realities of wage labor: Amazon, riders, call centers;

- strengthen and support the peasant masses in India that today, with the siege of the fascist Modi’s regime, give an indication to all the peasant masses of the oppressed countries in the world.

- develop the people’s women's movement according to the line, ideas, and practice of the revolutionary proletarian feminism, which says NO! to discrimination and inequality, to femicides/ rapes and to the denial of the right to abortion, NO! to the double oppression of modern Middle Ages and feudal slavery.

- develop the united front by striving to unite different currents of struggle, to build and strengthen the anti-fascist, anti-imperialist, anti-comprador bourgeoisie, anti-feudal fronts of proletarians, peasant masses, students, migrants, oppressed sectors of old and new poverty.

- intensify the militant struggle against fascism and racism.

transform the rebellion of the youth masses into a vanguard, revolutionary organization against the bourgeois state.

- join forces for the release of political prisoners and all our class brothers behind the bars in the jails of imperialism and reaction.

- give new life and development to the national liberation struggle in the countries oppressed by imperialism to expel the imperialist troops from their homelands, fighting the reactionary forces in their service.

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