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PCI (Maoist) for 23th march...Let us observe Anti-Imperialist Week from March 23rd to 29th -info ICSPWI

10th March, 2022
Let us observe Anti-Imperialist Week from March 23rd to 29th

In the spirit of Proletarian Internationalism!

We are going to celebrate the anti-imperialist day on this March 23rd, the 90th anniversary of the day of
martyrdom of Comrades Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru hanged by the British in India, in the background of
simmering anti-imperialist struggles all over the world. The martyrdom is a symbol of anti-imperialist consciousness.
Russian imperialism made a war of aggression on Ukraine which is the result of the imperialist contention between
US-EU and Russia in former Republics of Soviet Union. The people of Ukraine are giving stiff resistance with the spirit
of anti-imperialism to this aggression. This is also the 53rd Anniversary of the formation of New People’s Army of
Communist Party of Philippines (CPP). On the occasion the CC sends revolutionary greetings to CPP & NPA, all the
oppressed people and oppressed nationalities of the world fighting against imperialism and wishes success in their
struggles. It pays humble homage to all the martyrs of these struggles. It calls upon the Maoist Parties, people’s
organisations and various revolutionary, democratic, nationality liberation movements to take up programs on the
occasion with doubled spirit in the fight against imperialism.
After the British colonialism ended and India attained fake independence in 1947, just like in the backward
countries, imperialism imposed neo-colonial exploitation in our country. LPG reforms of 1991 further allowed
imperialist penetration.
The imperialist economic and financial crisis that started in 2008 shook the whole world. In order to overcome
the crisis imperialism is putting the burden on the backward countries and the working class and middle classes of the
capitalist countries. Imperialism thought it necessary to deploy Para-military forces to suppress the rising struggles
against imperialist exploitation and Brahmanic Hindutva Fascist BJP to instigate fake nationalism.
Imperialist exploitive policies were much more aggressively implemented since BJP came to power. The
comprador bureaucratic bourgeois and big landlord forces in our semi-colonial, semi-feudal country surrendered the
economy of our country totally to the imperialists together with them. They took up demonetisation, GST, agrarian
laws, making MOUs for plunder of natural resources, anti-worker laws, annulment of Article 370 and 35A in Kashmir,
implementation of CAA and other such draconian laws, suppression of revolutionary movement through SAMADHAN-
Prahar offensive and paving way for establishing ‘Hindu state’ by splitting the country on the basis of religion.
Imperialist capital entered our country in the form of portfolio investments and are looting the entire capital
of our country. It entered the sector of infrastructure and put the Municipalities and Corporations to tender in the
name of smart cities, brought ports in the name of Sagarmala, invested in construction of roads all over the country
and in power projects and Railways. On the other hand, the government is privatising Insurance, Banking and Railways,
imperialists, comprador bureaucratic bourgeois class are taking the lands into their hands through the three agrarian
laws and other such traitorous policies are being implemented.
‘Make in India’, Start Up and other such things that the BJP is crying out do not sustain the economy of the
country on strong foundations. The ‘export-oriented growth’ makes it a link in the imperialist chain and as a supplier
of manufactured spare parts for imperialist MNCs. Or else it remains to be a plant that assembles spare parts. With
this kind of production, the country will be absolutely in the control of the imperialists.
The devastation of nature by imperialists is creating pandemics like Corona as a part of their war policy. During
the Corona period the economies are totally restructuralised. With this, the unorganised sector, peasantry and middle-
class people are facing severe difficulties. People of the world and the country are spending lakhs of rupees for
treatment. Public money is transferred to the comprador bureaucratic capitalists and imperialists in the name of
purchase of vaccines and other medicines.
Lenin said imperialism means war. Imperialists want war to overcome crisis. As a part of it, imperialism is
indulging in several wars in its economic, political and geographical contention. Contention intensified between the
US, Europe (NATO) and Russia, China. Russia is making a war of aggression on Ukraine. The ruling classes of our country
are dependent on the imperialists for military needs and so are not condemning the aggression of Russia on Ukraine
or the role of NATO in the leadership of the US. They are serving the US in QUAD that might start war in our country
in Indo-Pacific area in near future.

While comprador bureaucratic capitalists such as Ambani and Advani helping out the imperialists are minting
money, 70 percent of the people are in utter poverty. People all over the country are fighting against the exploitive
Farmers are increasingly turning into migrant and daily labourers. The farmers’ struggle for one year against
the proposed three Agrarian laws by the Central government was a reverberating success. The workers are on the
path of struggle against the four new labour codes brought forth in the place of the existing 44 labour laws. The new
codes are against the workers in more than one way. The workers shall be pressurised for work, the women workers
lost their benefits such as exemption from night duty and so on. Employees of various sectors such as banking, industry
and other public sectors are taking up general strikes together with the workers against privatisation. Students,
teachers and all kinds of professionals, petty traders, national bourgeoisie owning MSME are disturbed with the
policies of the Indian ruling classes in favour of imperialist loot. The MSME that provide livelihood to nearly 30 percent
of the country’s population and 30 percent of the national income are being ruined in an irrecoverable manner. The
struggles of the people to solve the problems of their daily lives such as rise in prices, against the displacement caused
by projects of Multi-National Companies and of the domestic big capitalists, the struggles against new police camps
against the state are also part of anti-imperialist class struggle. Demonetisation, GST, atrocities on people, Dalit and
tribal people, women, religious minorities and other such vulnerable sections are leading all these sections into the
path of struggle.
While this is the actual condition of the people of the country the government took up the ‘celebrations’ of 75
years of ‘independence’ of the country in the name of ‘Azadi ka amrut mahotsav’. The program is nothing but to divert
the people from the actual problems. The ‘new India’ program is nothing but the agenda of Brahmanic Hindutva
Fascism. The situation demands a genuine change in the system. The change should be a radical one that would give
state power to the alliance of the four classes in the leadership of the proletariat. The ongoing Protracted People’s
War in India clearly shows the path to attain state power. All the oppressed classes, sections of the country must rise
to the occasion to destroy the exploitive system of the Imperialists, Comprador Bureaucratic Bourgeoisie and Big
Landlords and attain state power.
• The CC of CPI (Maoist) calls upon all the Maoist Parties, oppressed classes, sections and nationalities of
the country and the world, students, women, youth, religious minorities, teachers, doctors, lawyers, all
kinds of professionals, the national bourgeoisie to grandly celebrate the anti-imperialist week; raise voice
against Russian invasion on Ukraine, expose the conspiracies of the US and demand the termination of
NATO; extend solidarity to the anti-imperialist, anti-war worldwide people’s movements; uphold the
worldwide revolutionary movements, people’s wars and the national liberation movements in Kashmir
and North Eastern states and support them; convey Red Salutes to Communist Party of Philippines and it’s
New People’s Army on the occasion of the 53rd Anniversary of its Foundation Day on 29th March; take up
agitation and propaganda on the occasion of annual campaign of the ICSPWI for the release of political
prisoners; hold week long celebrations from March 23rd to 29th upholding the revolutionary movement in
Philippines. Hold meetings, rallies and seminars with the above call, uphold the martyrdom of Comrades
Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. Demand the withdrawal of all the MoUs made by the Central and the
state governments with the MNC and the domestic comprador capitalists. Extend strong solidarity to the
struggles of workers, peasants, tribal, nationality and minority people. Become part of the anti-imperialist,
anti-comprador bureaucratic bourgeois, anti-feudal class struggle-people’s war. Fight against
SAMADHAN-Prahar counter revolutionary fascist offensive!

Central Committee


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