Friday, March 11, 2022

Ukranie's war - A critical note of PCm - Italy

Brief critical commentary on "our position against the imperialist war of aggression of Russian imperialism against Ukraine" published from Communist International website

The communiqué published by the Communist International website can be agreed to in many parts (in particular the denunciation of the role of OTAN and Russian imperialism in the ongoing war) but in the finally it cannot be globally agreed to for two main reasons:

First of all due to an erroneous basic analysis and secondly due to an insufficiency of indications for the masses and proletarians.

Regarding the analysis, the main mistake is to define Ukraine as a "country oppressed by imperialism" in particular by Russian imperialism, as we know by oppressed country we mean a country in which production relations are characterized by bureaucratic capitalism, cohabiting with semi-feudal conditions in the framework of semi-colonial relationships.

According to the authors of the declaration, in the case of Ukraine this condition would have occurred with the internal coup of Khruschev and therefore with the restoration of capitalism in the USSR which would have made the SFSR of Ukraine "regress" from a socialist country to a semi-feudal country.

In our opinion, this thesis is wrong and would implicitly accredit the bourgeois accusations of the "forced collectivization" of agriculture in Ukraine by "an external entity": the USSR / SFSR of Russia headed by the Russian Bolsheviks (among other things headed by the Georgian comrade Stalin).

On the contrary, with the October Socialist Revolution before and with the founding of the USSR a few years later, a single state entity was created in the form of a federation of Soviet socialist republics which proceeded to the socialization of the means of production collectively and actively with support of all nationalities, proletarians and the poor and middle peasants coming from these nationalities (Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians, Belarusians, Kazakhs, etc.).

Consequently, with the Kruschovian coup celebrated in the XX Congress of the CPSU, capitalism was restored throughout the USSR to the detriment of the socialization of the means of production, transforming the USSR into a capitalist country headed by a new bourgeoisie coming from the ranks of the CPSU, from all over the country, e.g. from Russia as well as from Ukraine (like Kruchev himself) and from the rest of the federated countries.

As in all capitalist countries, including imperialist countries, there are socio-economic differences and gaps within each individual country, a reflection of the anarchic and unequal development of capitalism driven by the pursuit of profit in which the geographic areas best connected to the main economic sectors nodes, activate a vicious circle mechanism in which these areas with greater presence of capital attract more capital and therefore more investments than the less developed areas, aggravating the regional development gap even within the same country.

So after 1956 the SFSR of Ukraine as well as all the rest of the USSR fell back into capitalism and not into bureaucratic capitalism.

Once independence was achieved, following the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine as well as the Russian Federation remained two capitalist countries and later the latter once again took on the role of imperialist country as was Soviet social-imperialism (1958-1992). ), resuming the export of capital and investments starting from some ex-Soviet countries and beyond (Syria, Cyprus, etc.).

Currently Ukraine is therefore an independent capitalist country whose ruling bourgeoisie autonomously decides which international relations to cultivate in order to better enrich itself and in the last decade it has turned its gaze to the West.

The same goes for Poland, an industrialized, ex-socialist and now capitalist country, which is not "used" passively by the EU and by OTAN but, whose bourgeoisie has chosen to be an integral part of both the EU and OTAN as " minority shareholder "as regards the aspect of collusion with the other countries forming the two international organizations.

Finally, we believe that a declaration against the war of aggression of Russian imperialism in Ukraine, in addition to giving the right political-theoretical indications, should also be stirred up an immediate mobilization in all countries, starting with those where MLM parties and organizations are active in accordance with the specific conditions of these countries: in OTAN countries, mainly denounce the interventionist role of their government as a member of this alliance led mainly by US imperialism (including countries politically close to OTAN such as Sweden, Finland, Moldova, Austria and Georgia), in Russia to intensify the current protests against the Putin government, in Belarus to denounce the supporting role of the Lukashenko government to the current military aggression, in Ukraine no tactical alliance with the Zelensky, government servant of OTAN and the EU, that want to carve out a place in the sun to its own bourgeoisie it has attracted the winds of war on its own country.

In all other countries of the world strike the interests of US, British, Russian and European governments imperialism.

We therefore invite you to sign, even with any amendments, the maoistroad appeal of 4 March.

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  1. “in Russia to intensify the current protests against the Putin government”
    The current protest against Putin is dominated by liberals and is clearly pro-NATO and anti-Communist. Participation in it means giving up the communist perspective of the struggle. This is so despite the fact that Putin himself is a right-wing bourgeois ruler. Such is today’s dialectic, which is sorely lacking in the modern analysis carried out by many Marxist-Leninists.