Monday, March 7, 2022

8th March - Mfpr - Italy - women strikes, demostrations meetings...

This March 8 raises the need for a strengthening, elevation of the revolutionary struggle and organization of women.

This Day, for its meaning, is very important for our history, for the perspective of our battle, for our international unity with all oppressed and exploited women.

We struggle every day in battles for immediate objectives, but we have a long-lasting goal, to make revolution, to overthrow the capitalist/imperialist system which for women means double oppression, double exploitation, sexual violence, femicides, modern use of patriarchalism, wars.

The situation is becomes every day and more difficult. We women have to fight for years to have the basic right to a job, a wage -which for us also mean economic independence, to leave the ghetto of the houses, to unite in the struggle with other proletarian women- but women’s jobs are increasingly precarious, with poor wages and heavy discrimination. At the same time, this year many women workers have been and are the first to be fired, suffering the burden of crisis and pandemic, high prices, attack on health, fewer kindergartens, cut in social and care services, all this weighs on women first!

The "solutions" that the Italian government is adopting to put a stop to femicides, for women mean nothing but more chains, a closer control on them, while the sentences justifying murderer men in the courts increase.

The attack to abortion is like a black wave that from the US reaches Poland and expands country by country.

The inter-imperialist war waged by imperialist invaders and marauders of Russia/US-NATO/EU countries will bring death, rape by soldiers, destruction of lives, and also, especially in this war in Ukraine, a heinous war propaganda by the imperialist countries, including the Italy, who self-righteously use the pain of women to justify the war intervention. Once again, the profits are theirs, the deaths, the sacrifices are ours!

The women's strike this year is against all this.

And all this shows that nothing less than revolution is needed for the liberation of women, to shake and transform the earth and the sky!

As a slogan of ours says, “we must become ‘dangerous’, for the masters, governments, States, men who hate women”.

Revolutionary proletarian feminism is needed.

Feminism has changed the condition of women, imposed the visibility of women's struggle, but we need a class feminist movement to make revolution, and not to improve, fix this rotten system -as petty and middle bourgeois feminists want.

Now the revolutionary proletarian feminism is still weak, it has to be strengthened, it needs to “build its bones”. The struggles are our back-bone, the concrete struggles, the ones we carry out every day.

With these struggles, the weight of the women workers in the women's movement is growing.

It is up to us proletarian women to be the vanguard of the women's liberation movement.

It is the struggle that gives us strength, confidence, that makes unity with other workers to advance and encourages them to move forward. This is the meaning of the women's strike, which the MFPR was the first to launch.

We say that all the workers must and have an interest as a class in supporting the women's strike on 8th of March.

The battle of proletarian women, of the majority of women, brings, due to their condition of being targeted by 360° attacks, an "extra gear", a need/necessity to overthrow this capitalist social system in every aspect.

For this reason all the workers must join this strike, support the reasons and the claims of women workers. This is not a normal trade union strike, but a struggle for the transformation of the bourgeois system. This struggle, therefore, concerns the whole working class and enriches the general struggle movement.

Always, also in the past, in other historical periods, the degree of "civilization" of women has been a litmus test of the degree of civilization or barbarity of the whole society. And, always, the rebellion and the combative struggle of women raises the consciousness of the workers, of the proletarians in general and becomes a barricade against capitalist/sexist barbarism, showing the need to overthrow the whole system from structure to culture, the realm of ideas.

For this reason the workers are either on the side of the women's battle or on the side of the “standing dead”, the rulers, masters, governments, States that hate women and want to make them, their subordination, the function of the family as shock absorber of the society, a way to unload their crisis on the masses, to control and suffocate the rebellion of the proletariat; as well as they try to reduce women into a "sex object of property", as a way to perpetuate a dying society.

The workers who have nothing in this society but their chains, who have a head to think, must, as general interest of their class struggle, support and learn from the rebellion and struggle of women.

Proletarian women, precisely because they suffer all kind of oppression, the ultimate oppression, must be combatants on all fronts.

Our history in Italy, the history of communists, of the anti-fascist resistance, of all the struggles of the 1970s, have raised the issue of the revolutionary struggle and the need for the revolutionary organization.

Any idea and practice that denies this necessity, which develops a self-sufficient movement of women for themselves, is petty bourgeois feminism, which directs the great strength of women into the swamp of reformism.

This is why we call women to bring their extra gear to the battle for the construction of the proletarian revolutionary party, the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party, which has as constitutive and effective principle the centrality of the role of women, because women immediately bring the need for a communist party of a new type, as instrument and target of the revolution, a revolution which shakes the earth and sky, and continues as a revolution within the revolution.

Movimento Femminista Proletario Rivoluzionario - Italy

March 8, 2022


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