Monday, March 21, 2022

Ukraine's war - PCI(Maoist) position and maoistroad

in the message of PCI (Maoist) to TKP/ML's 50°Anniversary Celebrations it is written

'Today the whole world is burning in the war flames of Ukraine of East Europe. The number one
enemy of the world people US imperialism turned Ukraine as a bait, prepared for war in all ways and
instigated Russian imperialism to war. Russia is bombing Ukraine for the past 15 days. On one hand
the Russian imperialism and on the other the US imperialism, the fascist NATO forces in its leadership
and West European imperialist countries are contending for the division of the world. The countries are
intensifying their war plans. The President of Ukraine Zelensky is acting as a puppet of the US and is
throwing the people in war flames. Europe is facing a crisis of refugees unprecedented since World War
II. In such conditions, Ukraine and the Russian proletariat must try to fulfill their historic task. The great Marxist teachers Comrades Lenin and Stalin are providing leadership to the people of great
revolutionary heredity. This is the time to turn the war into civil war in the light of the theory and practice that they taught and practiced. This is the condition where the world proletariat must stand in support of the proletariat of the country with their great revolutionary proletarian responsibility. Our party hopes that at this time you shall provide them absolute help in the anti-imperialist civil war by staying closer and with better coordination'

Maoistroad is in total agreement with this position.

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  1. Dear comrades,
    “Russia is bombing Ukraine” is false information provided by the nationalist regime in Kyiv. What is actually happening is that Russia is smashing a neo-fascist group that occupies part of the territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. At the same time, Russia, of course, strikes at the military potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because these forces are bloodily used against Russian citizens and allies.
    When you write that “this is the time to turn the war into civil war,” you demonstrate loyalty to Lenin’s words, but also a complete misunderstanding of the actual situation. In Russia, the proletariat and the people support the special military operation as defensive, liberation and anti-fascist. There is simply no communist organization in Ukraine. Who will turn the war into a civil one?! The communists of Ukraine are completely suppressed during the eight years of the domination of the terrorist neo-fascist regime. Please consider the facts, Lenin called for a specific analysis of a specific situation.
    Oleg Torbasow, the Russian Maoist Party (