Monday, March 28, 2022

India - 23/29th march - CPI (Maoist) CC Extends Support To Call By Trade Unions For Nationwide General Strike - info ICSPWI



Karimnagar District, March 24, 2022: Extending its unstinted support to the two-day nationwide general strike called by the joint platform of central trade unions on March 28 and 29, the CPI (Maoist) Central Committee has called upon workers in organized and unorganized sectors to unite and build a broad-based labor movement against the “anti-labor” and “pro-capitalist” policies of the BJP dispensation at the Centre.

“The fascist regime at the helm has been aggressively pursuing the privatization and globalization policies ever since it came to power at the Centre,” said CPI (Maoist) Central Committee official spokesman Comrade Abhay in a statement.

The policies pertaining to agriculture, industry and service sector are being drastically changed to benefit big corporate entities, he alleged, adding that the BJP dispensation had to repeal the “anti-farmer” farm laws following the historic farmers’ movement.

He further alleged that the hard-won 44 labor Laws were converted into four labor codes, attempts were being made to privatize public sector undertakings and hand over the bauxite and iron ore mines to corporate entities besides auctioning of coal blocks.

The working class should play a lead role in the anti-imperialist struggle to protect the rights of the workforce and other toiling masses and safeguard public assets including PSUs, he said, calling upon workers, farmers, youth, and other sections of society to extend their full support to the general strike.

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