Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Ukranie's war - AGEB - Europe/Turkey

maoistroad publishes  all texts of the mlm parties and organisations about Ukranie's war, also if does not have the same positions, for developing debate and actions in all countries.  


The imperialist’s struggle for more market share is a situation that continues at the regional level in the military sphere, thus perpetuating tensions and conflicts in the political and economic spheres. For a while, this struggle was fought over Ukraine. On the surface, it looks at the first moment like tensions between Russian imperialism and the fascist
Ukrainian state. But what is being experienced are actually tensions between Russian and US imperialism, NATO and the European imperialists over the Ukrainian market. On February 24 this conflict developed into a new phase with a Russian invasion on Ukraine.

In order to defeat the moves and efforts of other imperialists, such as sanctions, threats, and other and to legitimize its own situation, Russia first recognized the independence of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics and then attacked Ukraine.

This move was obviously an invasion attempt. It is legitimate to oppose the attacks of the imperialists directly aimed at slaughtering people in an unjust and illegitimate manner, and to expose these policies everywhere.

It is also legitimate to expose the policies of the fascist Ukrainian state, which is a servant of the USA and NATO. The fascist regime, which emerged in 2014 as a product of the fascist “movement” supported by the U.S., NATO, Germany, France and the UK, has since carried out exterminations and assassinations against many opposition, revolutionary and progressive groups in Ukraine. The Ukrainian attacks on the people’s republics established in donetsk and lugansk where the anti-fascist movements that developed and were strong against the attacks, have survived to this day with the strenght they’ve received from their masters. Because of these attacks, tensions have arisen in recent years around these regions that Russia has supported, and once came to the brink of war.

Consequently, neither the imperialist occupiers nor the occupied fascist regime are progressive regimes that protect the interests of the people. It is an openly fascist regime that Germany, France, the UK, the USA and NATO are trying to protect. Russia’s attack to “save Ukraine from fascism” is a excuse and hegemonic move that is not in the interest of the working masses. In this case, the revolutionaries, democrats and progressive people cannot afford the luxury of looking for “the better” among the imperialists and fascists. In order to expose and fight the imperialist and fascist policies, it is the duty and responsibility of the revolutionaries and democrats to take the side of the workingclass and toilers of Ukraine and Russia and the anti-fascist, anti-imperialist struggle, which will develop against the occupation and fascism there.

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, thousands of people are once again forced to leave their homes and homeland. With the fall of the first bomb a wave of people fleeing to western europe begun. The European imperialist states, with their hypocritical talk about “democracy” and “peace”, provoked and escalated the tensions between Russia and Ukraine and are now turning their backs on the immigration problem, which has become a natural consequence of the war and are not even taking the most necessary steps to provide the most basic needs of thousands and millions of refugees.

As AGEB we call to strengthen the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist struggle against imperialist war and imperialist aggression!

No to the occupation of Ukraine by imperialist Russia!

No to the warmongering by the USA, NATO and other Western imperialists!

No to unjust and illegal imperialist occupation and attacks!

Long live the peoples’ struggle for freedom against imperialism, fascism and all kinds of reaction!

Ageb -

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