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TKP/ML - on march 18th international solidarity with political prisoners...



Tens of thousands of revolutionary and communist prisoners in our country and around the world are imprisoned in prisons as the price of continuing class struggle and making revolution, and holding the flag of socialism and communism against the dominant exploitation and repression schemes. Revolutionary and communist prisoners, physically confined to four walls in the hands of the enemy, are struggling to survive and exist under the most severe conditions. The problem of political imprisonment parallel to the development of class struggle is further on its agenda as an important area that should be focused by revolutionary and communist forces.

While the continuity of the economic and political crisis of the imperialist-capitalist system deepens the contradictions between the classes, the opposition and rebellion of the oppressed and exploited masses are also growing. The response of the ruling classes is to become more reactionary, in the form of more fascist aggression and more widespread arrests. Reactionary, fascist bourgeois states have more widely implemented the forms and methods of eliminating democratic rights and freedoms with racist, reactionary laws, “anti-terror” laws, by usurping democratic rights and freedoms earned at great cost. The most obvious consequence of this situation is the widespread growth of political captivity. The number and problems of political captivity in comparison with the development of class struggle are also increasing. This problem is continuous, not periodic, and solidarity with revolutionary and communist prisoners needs to be strengthened and systematically made.

Prisons are mainly areas where representatives of the two hostile classes, who are in irreconcilable opposition to each other, are fighting for their will.

Since the middle of the 19th century, prisons have become the most important means of maintaining repression and sovereignty, especially against revolutionaries and communists, in terms of the ruling classes. In parallel, the rapid increase in the number of revolutionary and communist political prisoners in all areas where the struggle for revolution and socialism has risen has made prisons an effective component of class struggle as strongholds of resistance.

The masses of workers and laborers formed solidarity organizations with the prisoners in many countries and tried to be their voice outside. By the 1920s, the “Red Aid Organization” and solidarity groups, led by the Comintern, had developed widely. This orientation has created a strong international network of solidarity for political prisoners. At the end of these widespread activities, the Comintern declared March 18 as “Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners” in 1923. Thus, March 18th became the International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners. Revolutionary and communist prisoners do not submit with the resistance and determination of being representatives of a just fight, they continue their fights in prisons at the cost of life, and they turn prisons into “shining trenches of war”.

Prisons are the naked face of the ruling system.

Prisons are like mirrors showing the naked reality of registent sovereign systems.
We see the Turkish state in systematic torture and massacres in the Prison cells of Amed, during a massacre operation on December 19th, in the beating of 12 prisoners with sticks in Diyarbakir prison and in the torture and slaughter of 10 prisoners in Ankara Ulucans prison, and massacres in Ümraniye, Buca prisons.
We saw U.S. imperialism in the prisons of Vietnam, in the prisons of Saigon, in the torture of Vietnamese communists, when they applied it to the Black Panthers, when they applied it to Abu Jamal, in Guantanamo, in abu ghraib.
We saw German imperialism slaughtering RAF prisoners in Stammheim prison.
We saw British imperialism in the torture and slaughter of Baby Sands and his comrades.
We saw Italian imperialism slaughtering the Italian Red Brigades in prisons accompanied by helicopters. We see Iranian retaliation in the torture of Evin prisons and the slaughter of 30,000 people, including 5,000 prisoners and their families, and their hostility towards the Kurdish patriots they hang every day.
We see the Peruvian state in the killing of 124 CPP prisoners in Callao and Lima prisons, accompanied by tanks in the Peruvian Navy operation. We see the same Peruvian state burning to death president Gonzalo’s body after he was severely isolated at a Navy naval base for 29 years. We see Spanish imperialism in its torture of communists and ETA prisoners.
In Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Greece… In short, the practices of all states in prisons, without exception, based on exploitation and plun d’or in all geographies of the world, continue to be naked proof of the reality in prisons.
Wherever the imperialist-capitalist barbarism system reigns, the struggle for independence, freedom, revolution and socialism is isolated in the dungeons.

In India, where the People’s War is on a rising trajectory and parallel state violence is increasing, the number of CPI(Maoist) prisoners is growing rapidly and the problem of political captivity is growing. Mass arrests of fascist Modi’s government for massacrer attacks on Communist Party of India (Maoist) forces waging a People’s War for a New Democratic Revolution continue, with arrests ranging from CPI(Maoist) leadership cadres to intellectuals and people on the grounds that they are supporters of the CPI(Maoist).

In recent years, Indian fascism has failed to prevent the CPI(Maoist) from advancing despite all its brutality and aggression in the “Green Hunt” operations and intensive arrests. In the last period, he tries to prevent the revolution and maintain the power of the exploitative classes by arresting communists, intellectuals and people with the operations of “Prahar 3”. But it should be known that all the oppressed of the world and all the solidarity and support of the international proletariat stand by the People’s War in India. The Indian state, which is a servant and part of imperialist world reactionaryism, will not be able to prevent the struggle for the developing New Democratic Revolution and Socialism. In EU countries, and also the United States, which consider themselves the cradle of democracy, human rights and freedoms, the reactionary policy of isolation prison cell’s continiue. The increasing impoverishment of the people in parallel with the deepening and perpetual economic and political crises of the imperialist capitalist system deepens the class contradictions and the growing reaction of the people makes these states more repressive. In recent years, the powers given to the security forces in imperialist states have been continuously increased. This makes police and other security forces even more aggressive and reckless, while at the same time making arrests easier because of the laws used as the basis for this aggression. The formal differences between these states, which market bourgeois state systems as the embodiment of democracy and human rights, and semi-colonial dictatorships are visibly disappearing with the growth of social opposition, which is being created by deepening contradictions. The reality is that the state is a means of repression and domination in the hands of the ruling class. Whether imperialist capitalist or semi-colonial, states position themselves as protectors and protectors of the interests of the bourgeoisie and other exploitative classes. In parallel with the laws that have come into force in recent years and the increasing pressure, many revolutionaries are imprisoned for various reasons and kept in prison for years. There is a process that competes with the systems under bourgeois- feudal, reactionary, fascist dictatorship and sometimes operates extortion with „rights“ and repression that is further ahead of them with some of its practices. The 129 a-b “anti- terrorism” laws, which are also in force in Germany, are no different from the “Anti-Terrorism Laws” in Turkey and similar states. Revolutionary prisoners in German prisons are subjected to isolation and all kinds of oppression in solitary confinement. TKP/ML prisoners were kept in the most severe isolation and isolation for years, while PKK, DHKP/C prisoners were subjected to similar pressures and subjected to similar isolations. There is a similar situation in Greece. DHKP/C prisoners have been sentenced to sentences of up to decades. In the United States, Black Panther members were imprisoned for decades but only killed, and Mumia Abu Jamal, a former spokeswoman for the Black Panther Party, was imprisoned for 41 years and Georges Abdallah was imprisoned by French imperialism for 38 years. Just as Elena Iparragime, a member of CPP CC, has been imprisoned for 30 years at the naval base of military and under severe isolation.

Turkish prisons are also a torture center. Systematic torture, ill-treatment, rights violations and all forms of isolation are directed at dissidents, patriots, revolutionaries and communists. Hundreds of patients in prisons suffer from health problems and prisoners are sentenced to death. The deaths of sick prisoners in prisons have been normalized. Today, there are dozens of communist prisoners in Turkey’s prison cells, as well as thousands of patriots and hundreds of prisoners of various revolutionary forces. Leader of the Kurdish national movement Abdullah Ocalan has been in strict isolation on Imrali, a isolated island, for 22 years.

Thousands of revolutionaries, socialists and communists around the world are held captive and prisoners in the dungeons of imperialist-capitalist bandits and fascist-reactionary regimes for freedom and revolution. In the face of the persecution and oppression of sovereigns in India, Turkey, Peru, the Philippines, Israel, France, Germany, Greece and all over the world, let us once again embrace patriotic, revolutionary and communist prisoners in all areas and stand in solidarity. Let’s unite our voices with the resistance of the revolutionary prisoners. Let’s make the voices of the revolutionary prisoners public. Let’s take the revolutionary prisoners to every platform that they are not alone. Let us stand in stronger solidarity outside with those who are physically captives and prisoners in the struggle for revolution, socialism and a communist world, and raise the revolutionary struggle!

The resistance of revolutionary and communist prisoners, who cannot be surrendered with policies of repression, torture, execution, isolation and intimidation, inspires our struggle. The prisons where class struggle continues are the shining trenches and lines of resistance of the revolution. Glory to the revolutionaries and communists who do not bow their heads in the dungeons with their principled, militant, revolutionary and proletarian class stance!

On the occasion of March 18th, let us take care of the revolutionaries and communists who are imprisoned in the fight against capitalism, imperialism, fascism and all kinds of reactions internationally, and raise our solidarity.



Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist

March 2022


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