Tuesday, March 15, 2022

March 8 in Italy: We fight!

This March 8 saw the women's movement massively take the field, in many cities of Italy under the banner of the "women's strike" women filled the streets and gave life to a number of social initiatives centered on all their battles of recent months.

Altogether tens of thousands, perhaps 100 thousand women who have mobilized throughout the country.

In all the demonstrations the cry "NO to war!" was loud. The Day was in fact the first national-wide mobilization against the imperialist war in Ukraine apart the wordy pacifism and the self-righteous initiatives sponsored by the parliamentary parties. The immediate stance and action before and on March 8 by the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement (MFPR) positively influenced sections of the feminist movement, such as the position of the NUDNM movement.

In the cities where the MFPR is organized and influential, the working women, factory workers, often immigrants, were the main force who, though still in small number, really went on strike and brought in these mobilizations the condition of proletarian women, their demands that already had inspired tenacious, protracted and hard struggles first of all on their working conditions -precarious work, double exploitation, discrimination- and their daily life -school, health care, high cost of living, great difficulty in managing children- during the not yet ended period marked by crisis and pandemic.

The voice of the women workers was loud and clear against the masters, the government, the bourgeois State, against the ideological and practical domination of patriarchism. They have shown that no delegation is possible to bourgeois and petty bourgeois feminism in the matter of fighting sexual violence and feminicides, which also in this period have shown the permanent barbaric nature of a system that produces this modern Middle Ages. The action of working women is not limited to the just and correct claims of the feminist movement, because all life must change, there is a world to overturn from earth to heaven with the revolution, so that it becomes a world to win.

In these demonstrations, the MFPR has brought internationalist solidarity to our sisters of India as part of solidarity with political prisoners, with all oppressed and repressed women when carry out the revolutionary and anti-imperialist struggle.

What now? It is not with trivial slogans as "March 8 every day" that we can continue, but with the organization of proletarian women as the vanguard of the entire women's movement, also because objectively proletarian women are the majority of women.

So let us bring our general platform, our battle into every struggle, let us make feel the solidarity and strength of an existing general movement.

Let us continue the struggle against the imperialist war, contaminating any demonstration.

If this is the first front there are two others in our long-lasting battle:

The revolutionary education of women. The MFPR, the National Assembly of Women Workers promote theoretical and political training of women so that their vanguard and movement will be not subordinated to the ideology of the reformist or false revolutionary bourgeois left. May women's thinking assert itself by taking the scientific weapons of the revolutionary theory into their hands.

New papers and booklets will be released in the coming weeks, on-line and in person meetings will be held in order to arm ourselves with criticism, and to be able to transform it into a liberation movement and revolution.

Let us raise the level of the struggle within base unions because once again we have witnessed, along with the right decision to declare the strike on March 8, the umpteenth misunderstanding that women do not need the paternalism of the eternal union leaders and above all they do not need to be locked up in the limits of the mere union struggle. USB (Unione Sindacale di Base) is a negative model of all this. But what else are the leaders of SiCobas and others doing, albeit in more combative forms and genuine struggle? This battle must continue and not wait until the next March 8.

It is up to us an extra gear, a path for the organization of women workers, certainly not limiting to those who are already organized with us, and for advancing in the battle for a central and determining role of women in the general struggle movement.

Movimento Femminista Proletario Rivoluzionario  Italy

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