Friday, March 4, 2022

Women / workers against the imperialist war - in Italy


The Women Workers Assembly condemns the war unleashed only to defend and broaden the imperialist interests of neo-Tsarist Putin’s Russia, on the one hand, and the imperialist domination of the US/NATO on the other hand. We are against this war for the profit of the masters of the world, for the control on energy sources, raw materials, strategic territories.

We women stand side by side with Ukrainian women and people’s masses who are under bombing or escape with their children, or see their men go to fight and die for imperialist invaders and marauders.

For women, imperialist wars always mean grief, fascist violence, rape by the troops, looting, destruction of their lives.

Nor Ukrainian women can forget that Zelensky's neo-Nazi government had already barbarized their lives. Sexual and domestic violence had already increased due to easy access to weapons and the trauma brought by the armed conflict between the US-backed Ukrainian government and Russian-backed separatists. Along the front-line areas women continue suffering sexual violence by the soldiers. Zelensky refused to sign the Istanbul Convention; Ukrainian women are highly discriminated against on jobs, forced to emigrate to work in European countries, many in Italy, or to sell their bodies for luxury tourism.

Any weapon, any soldier for this imperialist war, for women mean more violence, more oppression and certainly not their defense and liberation.


The wars and the profits are theirs, the dead, the destruction are ours.

We condemn the decision of the European imperialist countries, including the Draghi’s government, to send soldiers, money, military equipment, weapons to the Ukrainian government in defense of US/NATO and Italian masters interests, while they ask us for "sacrifices". The best support we can give to the Ukrainian women and people is to fight against our imperialist country.

We women do not want to be "victims" or the object of self-righteous complaints by governments, States, that first stepped on our lives during the pandemic and now try to unload the costs and horrors of their war on us.

We women want to be at the forefront also in this struggle, shouting loudly: Let's fight, united we are a strength!

Women Workers Assembly – Italy

1 marzo 2022

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