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from India to Turkey - from PCI(Maoist) to TKP/ML for 50th Anniversary Celebrations!

International Affairs
Central Committee

Red Salutes to 50th Anniversary Celebrations of TKP/ML

Turkey is one of the vital strategic areas of the world with 7 crores of population including Europe
and Middle East in a terrain of 8 lakh square kilometers. Muslims constitute most of the population in
Turkey and Christians are a minority. The Communist Party was first formed in the country in 1921 in
the Azerbaijan meeting as a part of attempts of the Third International to form Communist Parties all
over the world, mainly in the Asian countries. However, 13 leaders including Mustafa Saphi were
murdered on their return from the meeting. Later revisionism continued until the 1960s. A new
Communist Party emerged in 1972 in the leadership of Comrade Ibrahim Kayapakkaya out of the
impact of anti-imperialist radical movement, inspiration from GPCR and out of ideological struggle. This is the present TKP/ML.
TKP/ML has a revolutionary legacy with great sacrifices since the beginning. On the occasion
of its 50th Anniversary the CPI (Maoist) conveys revolutionary greetings to the entire Party cadres. The
party remembers the history of comradely relations of our two parties and wishes to strengthen it. It
opines this is the need and demand of the present times. On the occasion of these enthusiastic
celebrations, the party firstly pays humble revolutionary homage to all the heroic fighters such as
Comrades Ibrahim Kayapakkaya, Demirdag, Umitsan Kaglayas, Umit Denler, Dalek konak, Turan
Nalkas, Ojgar K. Karrabul. Our party also conveys revolutionary greetings to the people’s army Tikko,
the youth organisation TMLGB, women’s organisation and civil rights organisations.
Your Congress reaffirmed that Turkey is a semi-colonial, semi-feudal society as Comrade
Ibrahim Kayapakkaya defined. He provided the Leninist understanding of the nationality question and
said that Kurd and Turkey are two different nationalities. He made clear that Kemalism is fascism. He
is the leader who applied the path of Protracted People’s War to Turkey. He said Maoism is the higher
stage of Marxism. He upheld the importance of party, army and rural areas. He became a martyr in a
young age of 24 in the hands of the enemy. Your Congress decided once again that the theoretical
understanding and method of the martyr are correct. The 50 years of struggle of your party is formulatedin the path that concentrated on the objective of New Democratic Revolution and the strategic path of Protracted People’s War. This is the fundamental revolutionary strategy in view of your practice. Yourparty sustained the three magic weapons of revolution such as the party, army and United Front.
The present celebrations of 50 years are the symbol of the movement that attracted hundreds
and thousands of people with a hope on better future through the efforts of thousands of cadres and
militants. Never was a time without attack of the opportunists, reformists and revisionists of the path of
your revolutionary party. But your proletarian revolutionary party has been fighting back all the attacks.
It is commendable that your Congress opined that the nationality liberation of Kurds is one of
the important problems of Turkey revolution. Our party understands from the experiences of our countrythat finding a comprehensive solution to the nationality problem in the era of imperialism is part ofproletarian revolutions, that proletarian leadership is definitely needed and that the nationality question of Kurds shall obtain a correct solution guaranteeing autonomy and right to secession as a part of NewDemocratic Revolution. Our party feels that the way you upheld the Leninist attitude shall form a real basis to gain the affection and confidence of the Kurd people, to develop unity with them and to intensifyunited struggles against the main enemy. You are aware that our country is a prison of nationalities.
The Kashmiris, Manipuris, Mizos, Asomese and other such nationalities are fighting for decades for
right to self-determination along with right to secession prepared to sacrifice. They are making great
efforts to identify with genuine revolutionary forces without allowing revisionists. The exploiting ruling
classes of our country, the imperialism that is in support of them and the outdated Akhand Bharat theory of the present Brahmanic Hindutva Fascism became an utmost danger to them. As Comrade Mao taught, this is the time when ‘countries wish independence, nationalities liberation and people

The successful Party Conference in 2020 January said – ‘imperialist-capitalist system is a
mechanism of crisis, war, aggression, more profit, blood and tears. Today the central alliances of
imperialist system are making market wars with more bloodshed, intensity. The new Social-imperialist
imperialism is exporting goods to investments to the retreating US imperialist markets, influencing in an intense level through speedy development. The alliance of Russian imperialism and China Social
imperialism created a severe impact in the military and political sphere. As contradictions intensify and
the contention among the ‘west imperialist’ alliance is attaining severe nature in the leadership of the
US imperialism, the relations between China Social imperialism and Russian imperialism shall
strengthen. In addition to the economic and political crisis this condition shall intensify market wars. It
brings forth intense conflict wars in the entire disputable sectors. Your assessment reflects the present
conditions of the world.
Today the whole world is burning in the war flames of Ukraine of East Europe. The number one
enemy of the world people US imperialism turned Ukraine as a bait, prepared for war in all ways and
instigated Russian imperialism to war. Russia is bombing Ukraine for the past 15 days. On one hand
the Russian imperialism and on the other the US imperialism, the fascist NATO forces in its leadership
and West European imperialist countries are contending for the division of the world. The countries are
intensifying their war plans. The President of Ukraine Zelensky is acting as a puppet of the US and is
throwing the people in war flames. Europe is facing a crisis of refugees unprecedented since World War
II. In such conditions, Ukraine and the Russian proletariat must try to fulfill their historic task. The great Marxist teachers Comrades Lenin and Stalin are providing leadership to the people of great
revolutionary heredity. This is the time to turn the war into civil war in the light of the theory and practice that they taught and practiced. This is the condition where the world proletariat must stand in support of the proletariat of the country with their great revolutionary proletarian responsibility. Our party hopes that at this time you shall provide them absolute help in the anti-imperialist civil war by staying closer and with better coordination.
Revolutionary, progressive and democratic forces are facing an unprecedentedly strong and
intense offensive. You are aware that you too are a target in the offensive. The ruling classes of your
country and the imperialists in support to them shall undoubted further intensify offensives on you in thepresent war atmosphere. Scores of militants and sympathizers were arrested. You lost above two dozencomrades during this time. Our party firmly believes that the areas of revolutionary movement of Turkey becoming more revolutionary with their blood shall uphold their sacrifices and try to achieve their ideals with undeterred determination. Your efforts to temper the party overcoming the escapists, groupists in the protracted revolutionary movement is commendable.
Your party held the first Conference in 1978. Since then, in spite of serious problems in your
party you are working abiding to the path of revolution. You identified and rectified the failure in
developing leadership skill and non-confidence reveals your Communist greatness. The role of women
in the movement is to be upheld. There is a dynamic path for struggle with the oppressed gender in
class and social struggle. There are many women’s movements that make such a struggle. In addition
to the existing problems, the struggle shall develop and go forward. It decided that with the present
understanding, there is a need to develop an alliance on the basis of united practice of the organisations
and forces that make ‘civil rights’ struggle on this problem.
You uphold the equality of religions in the society of various religions. You explained that the
oppressed religions are historically being violated of fundamental freedom and democratic rights and
that the religious systems related to the Sunni religious system are always facing severe oppression,
massacres and aggressive policies. It is commendable that your Congress declared the utmost
democratic attitude towards religions when it said that the question of religious freedom including the
Sunni religious system shall be an aspect of democratic right in the struggle for New Democratic
‘Tikko’ is the name of the People’s Army that you formed as an army for the liberation of workers
and peasants. War is for revolution. War is necessary for the needs of revolution. This is the only way
for revolution. This kind of comprehensiveness and understanding against each and every conflict bring
forth the correct attitude.
At the time Kurd nationality movement and struggle are the fundamental and primary targets for
fascism. Especially they are trying to forcibly surrender the Kurd guerilla forces and the entire forces of
nationality struggle in legal and democratic sphere and to distance them from the other social forces.Our party conveys revolutionary greetings to the revolutionary prisoners on the occasion of 50th
Anniversary celebrations for their courage and dare in molding the prisons as the vanguard centres of
Communist ideas and revolutionary emotion upholding the party name, path, war and militancy in the
dungeons of the enemy. They stood as models for struggle nature undeterred to make any kind of
sacrifice. All of us must make serious efforts for the release of the struggling comrades who are making
efforts for Communist and class struggle in the utmost rigorous conditions. Let us try to get them
released in all possible methods. The exploitive ruling classes shall indulge in many conspiracies to
keep them behind the bars all through their life in the present crisis, especially the imperialist war
atmosphere. However, let us inform the prison comrades about the needs and problems of the
revolutionary movement, to utilize their revolutionary services in a more and secret manner and to make them practice the truth that prisons are the big schools. Let us imbibe revolutionary confidence in them.
Your party is organized with the objective to achieve the above aims and discussed all these in
the earlier congress. We hope that you shall advance in a more determined manner and totally utilize
the present conditions in a more consolidated, more enthusiastic manner in the direction of achieving
them. Let us work with further determination for coordination and solidarity among the Maoist
revolutionary parties all over the world and we hope that you shall take up this in a special manner. We
hope that the entire revolutionary camp of TKP/ML shall be more dedicated to the advancement of
revolution with a Bolshevik spirit and shall step further in the direction of fulfilling the demands that are coming forth in the present condition.

i/c, International Affairs
Central Committee
CPI (Maoist)

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