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13/19th september - Global action week - report from Italy

The week of global action launched by the International Committee in Support of the People's War in India, on the recommendation and in close connection with the Communist Party of India (Maoist), was in Italy an important qualitative leap in anti-imperialist and internationalist proletarian support in our country.

All activities were concentrated on a strong day in Rome.

In the morning there was a demonstration at the Indian embassy. The Italian imperialist state and the police headquarters in Rome had banned the demonstration in front of the embassy and, taking as a pretext the use of Roman squares for the electoral campaign, had also denied the nearby squares, granting only a square far enough from the embassy.

All the operating structures of the Committee have organized, therefore, in legal and illegal forms the initiative. First we concentrated in a denied square, Piazza della Repubblica and the demonstration began by displaying the banner "Basta bombe e droni sulle popolazioni – Basta massacri e repressione – Libertà per tutti i prigionieri politici."[Stop bombs and drones on populations - Stop massacres and repression - Freedom for all political prisoners] supported by representatives of the various mass organizations. Meanwhile, the notes of "Bella ciao" of a supportive Bar resounded in the air.

Then the comrades without flags and symbols moved compactly in the direction of the embassy and reached it counting on the "surprise" effect. Clearly the forces of repression expected a blitz and when the strong delegation appeared they lined up in front of the embassy.

The protesters did not stop, they raised the banner in front of the entrance of the embassy and shouted slogans.

The police did not intervene but pressed for the action to end.

As planned, the demonstrators put the banner back and went to the square that had been granted and occupied it in the side facing the passage of people.

The police again intervened demanding that the demonstration take place in restricted forms and less visible to the masses. The firm resistance of the women comrades, who were still the majority of the demonstrators, rejected this attempt; and a long second part of the demonstration took place.

A massive mass leaflet of the communiqué of the Support Committee and of the appeal of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) was made and dossiers and materials of the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement on Indian political prisoners were spread.

In addition to the banners for political prisoners and against drones and massacres of indian populations, a large banner was placed in support of the people's war and also was re-proposed the exhibition that is circulating throughout Italy of the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement.

All the representatives of the adhering bodies took the floor, with strong and blunt interventions, appreciated by the demonstrators and the masses who passed, stopped, talked, asked. The voice of the workers of the Slai cobas, of the women of the RPFM, was particularly heard.

The demonstration was joined by the International Red Rescue, the main organization in our country in defense of political prisoners of the Red Brigades and an integral part of the international network present in several countries. These comrades had brought a large panel for the political prisoners of Turkey and northern Kurdistan, and a militant former political prisoner took the floor in the square, and this had not happened for some time.

The other big aspect of quality was the presence of six representatives of the several hundred Indian workers working in factories and workplaces in northern Italy, who defied blackmail and repression – these are workers who identified in front of the embassy and in the square risked dismissals and expulsions, taking into account the strong pressures of the Indian embassy, inspired by the Foreign Minister of the Modi regime, towards the European governments, and Italian in particular, so that the prolonged and incisive campaign may come to an end.

A campaign that also saw on this day the presentation of a dossier to the national and international press on the conditions of Saibaba and Varavara Rao and on the list of prisoners of the various associations operating in India, sent by the Indian comrades, and whose liberation and defense of health conditions in prisons are claimed.

Numerous passers-by stopped in the square, including some citizens of Indian origin and a large group of girls, some working in solidarity associations, who were interested in the campaign and forged ties in particular with comrades of the RPFM.

During the demonstration, slogans were shouted: "Freedom for political prisoners!", "Long live the people's war!", "Long live proletarian internationalism!", "The imperialist war can only be stopped if the people's war advances!".

It was the first and important event in Rome, where the Committee was not present and had no active solidarity structures.

But the day is not over.

In the afternoon in the important structure of Metropoliz, a factory occupied and transformed into an imposing cultural and artistic museum by hundreds of migrants and Roma people who occupied it, led by the movement of struggle for housing – 'Metropolitan Blocs' – an anti-capitalist proletarian assembly was held, organized essentially by communist proletarians, which saw the participation of 70 representatives of trade union bodies, association of struggle, committees against repression, movements of various Italian cities, Marxist intellectuals engaged in the main Italian universities, on the themes of the struggle against imperialist war and the social struggle of proletarians, migrants and popular masses.

In this assembly, the voice of solidarity with the Indian political prisoners and the people's war, was clearly expressed. All participants received the information and complaint material, distributed during the day and some of the participants in the demonstration for India took the floor in the assembly and in particular the representative of the Indian workers of Bergamo.

An endless day, probably the strongest and most articulated that there has been in Europe and in the imperialist countries in recent years; a point of arrival of the prolonged action of the Committee in Italy led by the PCm; but above all a new starting point for the development of a real mass movement in support of the people's war in India.

September 24, 2022


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