Thursday, September 8, 2022

ICSPWI international call to mobilize in the Global Week of Action - english and spanish

  for the release of India's political prisoners and to stop the Indian state's drone attacks on rural people.

The International Committee to Support the People's War in India (ICSPWI) calls all revolutionary parties and organizations, all internationalist organizations, the artists, the democratic sectors of the intellectual world, the national liberation movements, the progressive women's organizations, all democratic and people’s movements, all revolutionary individuals, workers, peasants, youth and students; to join the mobilization for the Week from September 13 to 19 and make it a worldwide success.

Let us bring the condemnation of the crimes of the Modi fascist regime in the streets of the world and especially at the embassies of the Indian State. The Indian embassies must be the target of our mobilization to make it clear that we know the crimes of this State against the people.

Prime Minister Modi is waging a war against the people, against all democratic organizations, against all those who are outside the racist and feudal caste system, as the Dalits or the indigenous people (Adivasis), against the peoples of the State of India who suffer national oppression (Kashmir, Naga, Asom, Manipur and Bodo), against artists, against religious minorities such as Muslims, Christians, against workers, etc. In this war against the people they use the paramilitaries, the Indian army, drones as the most effective ways to attack the civilian population (demonstrations, assemblies, weddings, funerals, etc., etc.). In the cities, anyone can be accused of being an "urban Maoist" and be framed according to the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) or the Sedition Act, etc. In the countryside, kidnappings and murders of indigenous people are frequent. In addition, in the case of women, the rape by the police, paramilitaries or the Indian army is also frequent.

In India, virtually all political prisoners are brutally tortured. These tortures cause a significant number of deaths that adds to the deaths caused by poor hygienic conditions, lack of clean water, lack of medical care, lack of medicines and poor quality food.

If the situation in Indian prisons is tragic, for women political prisoners it is even worse. The Indian prison system is a copy of the prison system used by the British state when India was a colony. They force women prisoners to wear the "saree" and not wearing it "authorizes" the jailers to further abuse. The rape as a weapon against women accused of political crimes and other sexual arressments make Indian prisons a place of human extermination. Every year between 1,900 and 2,100 people die in Indian prisons.

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) is mobilizing the Indian revolutionary movement for a successful Global Action Week in India. The CPI (Maoist) is the largest communist party existing at the moment. This Party leads the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PGLA), which is the largest red army in the world. It is a Party that leads the people’s war of the masses against the bourgeois State that oppresses a society marked by semi-feudal social relations.


1) Unconditional release of political prisoners.

2) Stop the drone attacks carried out by the Modi government and the Chhattisgarh state government in the movement areas.

3) All prisoners accused of social and political struggles should be considered political prisoners.

4) Repeal the UAPA, AFSPA and "Security Laws" in several states. The crime of "sedition" should be removed from the Indian Penal Code. All prisoners charged under these laws must be released unconditionally.

5) Put an end to the violations of the rights of prisoners, especially political prisoners and women political prisoners and the atrocities to which they are subjected.

6) Prison manuals must be reformed. Conditions in prisons must be improved in accordance with the manuals.

8) Censorship against people who speak out against injustice must be removed.

9) The repression of the struggle of indigenous peoples to protect the country's natural resources must end.

10) Stop the cruel repression of the government against the national liberation movements and their organizations, such as Kashmir, Naga, Asom and Manipur.

11) Stop the Hindutva Brahmanic Fascist offensive against workers, peasants and other oppressed classes, students and youth, teachers, religious minorities, Dalit people, women and other oppressed sectors.



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