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Gaza under the bombs... Palestine will live ! Palestine will win !

"Palestine will live and Palestine, certainly, will win !" (Georges Abdallah)

"It is certainly in the global dynamics of the ongoing struggle that any
initiative of solidarity allows the
incarcerated comrades to transcend their conditions of detention and to be effectively part of the movement

as revolutionary protagonists operating in their special conditions". (October 19, 2019)

Transcending his cond
itions of detention and effectively inscribing himself in the movement as a
revolutionary protagonist Abdallah has been doing this for 38 years, making statement after statement, to

give voice to his interpretation of the world, analyzing the forces and co
ntradictions at play, denouncing the
systems of oppression and exploitation, to support the dynamics of the ongoing struggles, to support the

resistances and in particular the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people, always placing the marker of

what i
s revolutionary and what is not, and in the end to recall in this long and winding road of emancipation
the way to the victory of the people, of the peoples in particular of the people of Palestine.

Palestine will live and Palestine will certainly win! T
his is the transcription that can be read in the last
statements of our comrade of the historical slogan of unconditional support to Palestine, to its just cause and

to its "glorious resistance".

Palestine will live, Palestine will win! Palestine will li
ve and Palestine will certainly win !
Such a reformulation
- as always with Georges Abdallah - is not accidental. And "certainly", certainly, if it is
indeed, especially in the current context, a fundamental principle to be reaffirmed, displayed and defe
twice rather than once, as Georges Abdallah does in a visionary way, it is indeed that of the certain victory of

the "promising resistance" of the Palestinian people. Palestine will live and Palestine will certainly win !

Certainly, without any doubt
, indubitably, ineluctably, inevitably!
We will win! This is the firm and uncompromising affirmation, the intimate conviction without fault or

compromise that punctuates each of the declarations of our comrade and that he chooses today to reiterate

force as a truth intrinsically inscribed in History: Palestine, certainly, will win! This certainty, never shaken
and here reinforced is not a simple federating watchword taken up here and there; nor is it the reflection of

an idealistic historical optimis
m of a "revolutionary protagonist" disconnected from reality. On the contrary:
it is the fruit of an analysis and understanding of the laws that govern the national liberation struggle of the

Palestinian people and which induce that victory is inevitably a
t the end of the rifle. Certainly, without any
doubt, indubitably, inevitably!

Palestine will certainly win! Not because we hope so, we wish so, we like to say so, or because George

- this historical fighter and resistance fighter of the Palestinian cause - himself affirms it, but because
the national liberation struggle of Palestine, past and present, by its acts, its principles and its choices, has

been able to provide itself, in its particular context, with all the constituents proper t
o the victorious national
liberation struggles.

Unitary Campaign for the release of Georges Abdallah

Facebook : Pour la libération de Georges Abdallah


Parameter 1: the entire history of Palestine is nothing but resistance and has demonstrated and proves on a
daily basis that resistance is the way/voice of its existence. "It's bad right now, the situation i
s serious in
Palestine": who has not thought, said or heard this sentence, especially during each of the criminal acts

perpetrated by the enemy? The statement may refer to a certain reality, but at the same time, to affirm it

alone is to conceal the other
side of the coin : each attack by the enemy is also a sign of the existence and
perseverance of the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people, and this since 1917 and the Balfour

Declaration, in which English imperialism promised the Zionist movement to
help it create a Jewish national
home in Palestine. Let's remember: 1920, 1921, 1929, 1933, 1935, 1936
-1939, so many years in which revolts,
sometimes very violent, mobilized the Palestinian masses against Zionist colonization and British occupation:

the r
epression was fierce with the deportation of thousands of Palestinians, massacres, the destruction of
houses and entire villages, but the resistance was there! And yet, here too, the situation is serious in Palestine.

Let's remember 1946, a year of general
ized confrontations in Palestine : resistance again and again! 1947 :
the deadlock is also played out at the UN with the refusal by the Palestinian representatives of the division

of Palestine set out in resolution 181. 1948 : the Nakba : the Zionist entit
y occupies 78% of Mandatory
Palestine ; in total, 400 Arab villages are destroyed leading to an exodus of 800,000 Palestinians but despite

the "catastrophe", the resistance is still standing. Everything was then done to drive the Palestinians still

in occupied Palestine into exile, with more and more destruction of villages, expulsions, massacres,
successive wars (the Six Day War in 1967) and occupations (of West Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank, the

Golan Heights and the Sinai): But here again, while
"the situation is serious in Palestine" - a real disaster: the
- the resistance still resists and even, since 1964, it is organized. In 1973, Black September, with the
liquidation of the Palestinian forces taking refuge in Jordan, orchestrated by Ki
ng Hussein, a lackey under the
orders of the United States, but which still did not overcome the resistance which withdrew to Lebanon: The

resistance persists, as evidenced by another black September "commando operation" which took place a

year later in Mu
nich, but also by the commitment, in 1975, of Palestinian fighters alongside the Lebanese
progressive and revolutionary forces against the fascist Phalanges of the Lebanese Christian right supported

by the Zionist entity. 1976: new milestone with the date
of March 30 which will be declared "day of the land"
in memory of the massive demonstration and the general strike organized against the new wave of expulsions

launched by the Zionist entity: there again, the repression is fierce and the "situation is bad"
but the
Palestinian popular masses resist everywhere as Georges Abdallah recalls: "This strike gave rise at the time

to a significant mobilization of solidarity, both in the West Bank and Gaza and in the various Palestinian camps

in neighboring countries"
and this resistance marks a new milestone in the struggle for national liberation of
the Palestinian people: "the day of the land is a national day par excellence where the Palestinian people

affirms its unity despite the dispersion in various camps and s
ettlements in Palestine and neighboring
countries and where it affirms above all the unity of the Palestinian land. Then this long process of struggle,

of attacks and counter
-attacks, continued with countless battles fought: on the one hand, in the enemy camp,
the annexations of East Jerusalem in 1980, the Golan Heights in 1981 and Lebanon in 1982 with the

massacres of the Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps; the continued colonization,

militarization and theft of land; betrayals: the 1988 b
etrayal with the acceptance of resolutions 181, 242 and
338 and the 1991 betrayal to prepare the ground for the 1993 Oslo liquidationist proposal; but also in the

Palestinian resistance camp, the heroic intifadas of the popular resistance of 1987
-1993 and then of 2000-
2005: the resistance, again! Since then, the attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause and revolution, on

the agenda of the imperialist forces and "their regional reactionary affidavits", have continued to intensify

with six Zionist military
campaigns launched against the Gaza Strip (in 2006, 2008-2009, 2012, 2014, 2021
and the last one in the summer of 2022) under blockade since 2007, with the continued expansion of the

settlements, especially in the West Bank, with the continuation of the c
olonial policy of forced expulsions
like the thousands of Palestinians expelled from their homes in the eastern part of occupied Jerusalem, with

the expropriation of agricultural land, the construction of walls, arrests and arbitrary detentions, all

trated hand in hand with the Palestinian Authority, mired in its "security coordination" with the Zionist
entity: all means are being used to empty the land of Palestine of its inhabitants. So yes, things are bad: the

situation in Palestine is serious and
conditions are particularly difficult. But here again, the resistance is
holding out, facing up, reorganizing and even strengthening since 2021 : not only are the Gaza Strip, Jenin


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