Monday, December 22, 2014

Commemorates the 10th Anniversary of CPI (Maoist) - Special issue of People's march September 2014 - can ask

Commemorates the 10th Anniversary
of CPI (Maoist)

10 Years of CPI (Maoist)
The Communist Party of India (Maoist)
A Programme for Revolution
They Lived for the People (photo feature on martyrs)
In the Dungeons of the Enemy
Towards A Unified Maoist Party
Life Histories of Charu Mazumdar and Kanhai Chatterjee
Forging the Line of Revolution (writings of CM and KC)
On the Party
Marx to Mao Tsetung
The Party of the Proletariat
On the Revolutionary Army
Marx to Mao Tsetung
The Army of the People
Work Among the Masses
Marx to Mao Tsetung Mobilising theMasses in their Millions
Building the Future, Arms in Hand
The New Culture
Women in Revolution
Against Brahmanism, To Annihilate Caste
With the Adivasis
Against Religious Oppression
To Break The Prison-house of Nationalities
For the Cause of the World Socialist Revolution
Repression and Resistance 
A Call to the People of India CC, CPI (Maoist) page
Lessons and Challenges of the Indian Revolution
Breaking the Taboo of ‘non-violence’ Ajith
A Decade of ‘Developing’ Displacement Bhaskar

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