Wednesday, December 24, 2014

support Manipur revolution and Maoist Communist Party in Manipur

Maoists allege IED blasts aimed at discrediting revolutionaries
IMPHAL, December 23: The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur, has stated that it is closely monitoring the `colonial policy of the Indian State` in which it causes bomb explosions in public places specially targeting innocent people to defame revolutionaries of Manipur. It added that the party will take severe punitive actions against those involved in such bomb attacks against people. The party has began investigating the series of bomb blasts in the last few days which defy any notions of humanity with intentions of defaming the people`s movement and the revolutionary movement in the State, it said. It is confirmed beyond doubt that a man suspected of being the `master planner` of a `Black Gang` which is carrying out these acts of `State sponsored terrorism` has went into hiding in some other place along with his whole family after the party started tracking his whereabouts, it said.
`Our cadres of Loktak Pana, who traced the man to Kairenphabi in Bishnupur after suspecting him to be the master planner, have confirmed that the man along with his family have left the place some time ago when they went to Keirenphabi to inquire about him`, it added. On further inquiry, it was learnt from the villagers of Keirenphabi and Moirangkhunou that the man accompanied the Thanga A/C Congress candidate, now the MLA, while canvassing for votes during the last Assembly elections, it said. After investigating the relationship between the Thanga A/C MLA and the Black Gang, especially the man suspected of being the master planner, it has been established that the leaders of such gangs and their families are kept under State protection in various places of the State, it further stated.
Under the watch of the Thanga A/C MLA, several Black Gangs are mobilised together to act out surrender dramas and who are made to carry out such activities under the cover of the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreements. He is raising at least two such gangs and this is a well known fact among the people of Thanga A/C especially the villagers of Keirenphabi and Moirangkhunou, the press release said. The party won’t spare those trying to defame the revolutionary movement in the State whether those responsible are the biggest revolutionary outfit in the State or a small Black Gang, it warned.

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