Sunday, December 28, 2014

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International Campaign Against War on the People in India

Stop all attacks against the people!

.The Indian government has declared a war against the people of India. More than 100,000 members of the paramilitary forces, special forces and air force have launched this unprecedented military offensive--code named Operation Green Hunt-- in the forest regions of eastern and central India. This is where millions of adivasis (tribal peoples), the poorest of India's poor, live. While the government claims that this war is solely aimed at the Maoists, in reality its objective is to grab the rich minerals and natural resources of those areas and hand them over to multinational corporations who will exploit them for their own superprofits.
People in those regions are getting organised and have already started to fiercely resist this attack on their life, land and livelihood by the Indian state. As this brutal offensive is rolled out, the government is clamping down on access to these regions by the media, civil liberties activists and other democratic minded citizens. Flagrant violations of the democratic rights of the people are on the rise.
We have launched this website to bring news and analysis of these events to people across the world, as well as to provide organizing tools for the campaign.
Let us join together to expose the Indian government's war on the people in India, to build a worldwide storm of criticism, to participate in protests against this war and to forge links of solidarity with the struggling people in India.

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