Friday, December 26, 2014

for debate - a joint declaration - LONG LIVE TO REVOLUTION!...

The end of imperialism is inevitable! Imperialism and all reactionaries, looked at in essence, from a long-term point of view, from a strategic point of view, must be seen for what they are - paper tigers. On this, we should build our strategic thinking. On the other hand, they are also living tigers, iron tigers, real tigers that can devour people. On this, we should build our tactical thinking.” Great teaching of Chairman Mao, master of the world proletariat, who today, December 26, in his 121 anniversary of his birth, we exalt and his memory —as in previous years— some organizations and parties Marxist Leninist Maoist together we honor stating publicly that followed his example: of irreconcilable struggle against imperialism and all reactionaries, of relentless combat to revisionism and unfailing trust in the triumph of the World Proletarian Revolution.
Imperialism is anteroom of socialism, moribund capitalism ready to be buried by the World Proletarian Revolution! This is the dividing line on the question of imperialism to differentiate between revolutionary Marxism and revisionism avakianista suspicious and denied the proletarian revolution, scary, subservient to imperialism that looks just like a tiger of iron against which hardly can resist. There is no such millennial reign of imperialism and its lackeys bourgeoisie and landlords! The supposed vitality of imperialism is a false appearance projected by their organized forces, by its apologists and opportunistic to hide the essence of imperialism: decaying capitalism, rotten, whose end with the end of all reactionary is inevitable and will not be long! Because their own contradictions unleashed worldwide powerful revolutionary forces of society: of the workers, peasants and other working people, overwhelmed by so much oppression and exploitation.
Behold the revelation of the economic crisis: decomposition massive of the world capitalist system! Before the crisis, the imperialist bourgeoisie lift stones then fall on their feet as happens with the anti- crisis measures that strangle with the rope of financial capital to millions of workers in the imperialist countries to workers, peasants and other workers in the nations and countries oppressed, aggravating more and more the global social crisis which results in protests, mobilizations, revolts and revolutions against the imperialist world "order". The anti-crisis measures are reactionary, powerless and harmless facing to the deep economic causes of the crisis: world production increasingly social and the global ownership increasingly private, fundamental contradiction of the whole capitalist system, antagonism which can only be resolved with the World Proletarian Revolution defeating and burying imperialism. The patches "alternative" reformers of the misnamed "Socialism of the XXI Century" and other political representatives of the petty bourgeoisie neither can remedy the economic debacle of the imperialist system but serve him to conceal and launder their ills.
Death to imperialism, source of wars, terror, death and hunger to society and destruction of nature! Powerless face of economic crisis of world capitalism, the imperialists and reactionaries downloading the costs of the crisis on the working masses and peoples of the world, intensifying all forms of exploitation of labor to increase a hundredfold the plunder of the oppressed nations and the destruction of nature. Imperialist bandits wildly compete for the global pillage further exacerbating the contradictions of uneven development of the imperialist countries, the frenzied struggle for monopolist accumulation and concentration of world capital ripping the diplomatic clothes revealing the essence of parasitic domination of finance capital, the criminal and terrorist essence of imperialist reactionary wars in dispute for the domain and annexation of territories already distributed and influence zones already bounded, assaulting countries and occupying territories with the footman support of local reactionaries and mercenary armies armed and trained by the imperialists. Together, the current wars promoted by the imperialists in the name of "counterterrorism" in "defending democracy" in "support for national minorities" or "religious motives" All are wars unjust and reactionary! Of aggression to people and countries! are imperialist wars these days focus on terror, death and destruction on the peoples of Palestine, Syria, Kurdistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Nigeria... where all imperialist attack as iron tigers, prey and bloodthirsty; none is less bad or less reactionary, all imperialistAmerica, Europe and Asia— are worse, all do their business in these local wars: alleviate the crisis with extraordinary gain that leaves them the military industry at the same time have, bet and test armies and weapons openly in preparation for a new world war of imperialist prey.
Imperialism has no future; its existence is incompatible with the existence of society! No one who refuses to be slave will frighten for armaments in the hands of the imperialists! All imperialists and reactionaries in the long run are paper tigers! Are truths extracted by Chairman Mao of the revolutionary experience of the masses who overthrew the imperialists and reactionaries in Russia and China, who demolished the war machine of fascism in World War II, who expelled with the tail between his legs to the French and American imperialists in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, than in Afghanistan have worn and embroiled to the mighty armies of social imperialism Russian and of the imperialists US and its allies of NATO, and still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, faced the Zionist army in Palestine, the Islamic State in Iraq, Syria and Kurdistan, the neo-fascist army in Ukraine... It is an undeniable fact that these destructive and bloody imperialist wars have failed to crush to the peoples despite the struggles of the masses —given the temporary absence of a genuine leadership revolutionary communist— frequently are diverted and used by the imperialists and their lackeys and nationalist flags overshadow the class struggle. Are temporary respites of reactionary agonal gasps of imperialism, because the struggle of nations and oppressed peoples against their oppressors has its root cause in the fundamental contradiction of the system between social production and private appropriation: abolish private property by revolutionary violence of the masses to overthrow and destroy the state power of the exploiters that defeat and bury imperialism and all reactionaries.
The future is of Socialism and Communism! LONG LIVE TO WORLD PROLETARIAN REVOLUTION! We support the resistance and rebellion of the working masses in the imperialist countries against exploitation, the discrimination and white terror of the exploiters. We support the heroic resistance and rebellion of the people in the oppressed nations against the imperialists and their reactionary lackeys. But we state that, is not enough to resist, is necessary to move from rebellion to revolution! And revolution from the standpoint of Marxism in Lenin's words: "The violent rupture of the outdated political superstructure, which contradicts with the new relations of production has caused its collapse at some point", question on which we reaffirm as stated in the Declaration of December 26, 2013: This is the true and consistent line of defense of Marxism Leninism Maoism, based in recognize on violence the midwife of history and in the armed struggle of the masses the inevitable way of the World Proletarian Revolution, developed and integrated by Maoism to the military line of the international proletariat, in the powerful theory and practice of the People's War, higher shape and continuation of politics struggle by other means, that it does serve to seize the power, in the imperialist countries and the oppressed countries.” We support the People's War that led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and recognize it as the advanced world proletarian revolution. We support the People's Wars than in different conditions of development and troubles continuing in other countries like the Philippines, Turkey and Peru. The facts show that revolution is the main trend in the world, and that the bright prospect of socialism and communism prevails over reactionary clouds such as the danger of a new war of imperialist world slaughter to which our principle is: stop it with the revolution and if not possible, to transform it into a revolutionary people's war.
Beat to opportunism is a condition to defeat imperialism!The most dangerous in this sense - said Lenin - are the people who do not want to understand that the struggle against imperialism is a sham and humbug if not inextricably linked to the struggle against opportunism”, sentence whose results are palpable today on the movement. Powerful social forces rise up in rebellion against the world system of oppression and exploitation; are forces driven by the antagonistic world contradictions of imperialism but found in opportunism a retaining wall that discourages them, divert and demobilize through political reconciliation between exploiters and exploited classes of "peace agreement" between oppressed and oppressor. While the communist revolutionaries confront to opportunism in each country, struggling to meet the obligation of the conscious element, to bring the ideas of socialism to the spontaneous movement of the masses, mainly the worker movement, to gather in a single beam the struggle of economic resistance, the political struggle and theoretical struggle of the worker movement, working by direction and organization of independent mass movement in the role to lead their political struggle and raise it to a higher form: the armed struggle of the workers and peasants; While the communist revolutionaries of each country also fighting for unity through the difficulties of his situation of helplessness and dispersion, where the tendency to waver infused revisionism could not prevent the tendency to fight infused dynamism and will to fight the mass movement; while all that, it can not forget that opportunism is an international current fifth column of an international enemy: imperialism, all of which, imposed as international need the unity of the communists. There is general agreement to identify the avakianista revisionism as the main danger to the international unity of the communists and while this agreement is progress, it is not enough; is necessary to go further, to unity throughout a general line that draw a deep demarcation with revisionism, centrism and all forms of opportunism. Such is the inescapable condition for unity in a new Communist International based on Marxism Leninism Maoism. Such is the challenge that corresponds to the revolutionary communist spurred by the rebellion of social forces against imperialist parasite. We are confident that with the persistence of Foolish Old Man achieve that goal, and then will come sooner the inevitable end of imperialism.


December 26, 2014

Afghanistan Workers Organization (MLM)
PCP - Comite Base Mantaro Rojo - Perú
Union Obrera Comunista (MLM) – (Colombia)

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