Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kobane - MLKP militant Sibel Bulut martyred

Police attack tent of condolence for Sibel Bulut in Adana
Adana police have attacked the tent put up to receive condolences for MLKP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party) fighter Sibel Bulut, with code-name Eylem Deniz/Sarya Özgür, who has lost her life in the battle in Kobanê on 12 December. Riot police and public security officers affiliated to Adana Metropolitan Municipality have staged a crackdown on the tent of condolence being put up at the İnönü Park, brutally assaulting the visitors and those organising the action under the leadership of the ESP (Socialist Party of the Oppressed) supported by the IHD (Human Rights Association) and the SYKP (Socialist Party for Re-Establishment).
The brutal attack by Turkish police has left many civilians injured while 10 have been reported detained as police have completely surrounded the park and denying access to the area. The detainees have reportedly been taken to Adana police headquarters.
Komalên Jinên Kurdistan statement
‘Resistance is a historical duty of humanity’
“Resistance against the massacres carried out by the nation-states are collapsing light a nightmare around the people of the Middle East, as well as their gangs of proxies and collaborators such as ISIS, is a humanitarian duty. The struggle of our comrade Sarya, who possessed a consciousness that resistance and struggle were among the most rooted historical strengths of peoples and who was martyred in the ranks of the resistance, is the consciousness of this historical humanity.
In the ancient lands of the Middle East, the consciousness of a common life and a common resistance over the course of thousands of years has taken on an internationalist spirit under the leadership of women. The Arin’s, the Kader’s, the Sibel’s and the thousands of other women have proved this with a passion for freedom that recognizes no borders and with their magnificent resistance both in Kobanê and with their years of resistance against hegemony. Women, with their belief in the unity of socialist struggle and the free will of peoples will strengthen their organizations and resistance with a passion for freedom.”
‘Join resistance in Kobanê’
The KJK statement also concluded with a call to join the resistance in Kobanê, reading “We are calling on all women with a passion for freedom to strengthen the ranks of the resistance, to develop common organizations, and to join the resistance in Rojava where there exists the free unity and future of the peoples. We once more salute all of our martyrs in the person of comrade Sarya and promise to the grow the flames of resistance.”

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