Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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s from each other. We can depend on no one but the dollars in our pocket in order to survive, and we compete with one another in the labor market for jobs. But at the same time, capitalism itself organizes the exploited working class. The very fact that we negotiate our wage means that the development of organizations of the exploited class is tolerated. This would be unthinkable under previous systems, such as slavery or feudalism.
This opens a path along which revolutionary class organizations might be forged. It is such an organization that we are in the process of building in Central Brooklyn.
We must draw upon revolutionary examples from the past—from the Black Panther Party to the Chinese Revolution—and begin to seize our power by uniting all who can be united and organizing ourselves. The working class has an accumulated history and experience. There are also scattered acts of resistance. We must transform these revolts, these experiences, these acts, into a power for all the exploited and oppressed. We must consolidate a camp of anti-capitalist workers and oppressed nationality people that collectively thinks and acts: the proletariat.
We can start out by building struggle committees that take on the ruling class—the capitalist bosses and the landlords—and their tools, the police. The ruling class attacks us through evictions, landlord neglect, food stamp benefit cuts, hospital closures, worker layoffs, wage cuts, criminalization of drugs and petty crimes, failure to provide adequate health care, the school to prison pipeline, stop and frisk, police violence, tickets and arrests on the subway….
Struggle committees can serve the people by meeting their social needs.
Struggle committees can defend the people against attacks by the ruling class.
Struggle committees can support workers in their struggle for better work conditions and higher wages.
However, we cannot simply play the role of a charity, union or NGO, but must put politics in command, always acting in an antagonistic manner towards the state.
We need an organized class politics that can form broad alliances. This is necessary in order to struggle for the democratic right to self-determination of oppressed nations (Black, Chicano, Native American, Puerto Rican, Hawaiian) and the overthrow of this decadent capitalist system. Only with a concrete politics can we begin to build people’s power in the line of revolution.
We must collectively think and act in order to link our daily struggles for survival to the need for mass organizations. Only such organizations will allow us to grow our power with a view to building a revolutionary movement that can eventually seize state power.

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