Friday, December 19, 2014

Turkey -December 19th 2000: Never forget! Never forgive!

Fourteen years ago today Turkish military and police carried out “Operation Return to Life” to impose the F-type isolation regime against revolutionary prisoners on hunger strike. Thirty were killed
Carry the Death-fast Resistance to Victory!-December 2000
Call by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey (Marxist-Leninist)
The process we are now in clearly shows that the crisis of the comprador bourgeoisie and big landlords is growing deep, both politically and economically. The ruling classes are putting the financial cost for their crisis.onto the backs of the workers, peasants and other oppressed people. The state wants to smash the resistance of the democratic demands of the Kurdish nation and other minorities and to attack the democratic demands of the workers, peasants and students.
The fascist Turkish state also attacked the communists and revolutionaries who are between the four walls of the prisons, wantingto capture them not only physically but also ideologically and politically. There are more bloody attacks on the political prisoners now than ever in the past. For this reason they have put forward the “F- type” prisons.
As a result of this policy of the fascist Turkish state, in the-prisons the TKP(ML), DHKPC and TKIP political prisoners have put their bodies into the death-fast and have started a glorious resistance. Their belief in revolution is leading their spirit of resistance, and our Party, the TKP(ML), is certain that the communist and revolutionary prisoners will win. The political prisoners, who are freedom’s sun in the prisons, quickly mobilised their families. Revolutionary resistance against the state has had a big impact on the oppressed masses in a very short time, and has brought people into the streets to protest and fight against the state in cities across Turkey.
The Turkish state has tried different manoeuvres in an unsuccessful attempt to pacify.the masses, but the oppressed masses, communists and. revolutionaries have been writing history with their blood. Our Party, the TKP(ML), has saluted the communists and revolutionaries’ resistance with practical actions. In Karadeniz (Black Sea area), in Dersim (Kurdistan), in Marmara (Istanbul area), and abroad the Party has mobilized all its supporters and other masses in order to unite with the straggle of. the communist and revolutionary prisoners, and the Party has played a crucial. role in this struggle everywhere.
In every corner of the world, waves of revolution are developing and rising. This new wave is scaring the imperialists and the reactionary ruling class. This struggle in Turkey is part of this new wave. With the support of imperialism, in September 1992, Chairman Gonzalo (leader of the Communist Party of Peru) was captured by Peru’s Fujimori regime. But imperialism and reaction couldn’t stop the People’s War in Peru. As Gonzalo himself said on 24 September 1992 in his speech from the cage, this is just a “bend in the road” of the People’s War.
Just as the Fujimori regime in Peru has isolated Chairman Gonzalo, the fascist Turkish state wants to isolate the communist and revolutionary political prisoners in Turkey. As Maoists the task today is to fight against collaboration and capitulation wherever we are, in the process ofbuilding people’s democracy, socialism and communism, and smashing imperialism and the reactionary ruling class.
Long Live the Death-fast Resistance!
Long Live People’s War!
Glory to Our Party TKP(ML), Our Army TIKKO and Our Youth Organisation TMLGB

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