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Nepal - Practice Maoism not Liquidationism Riji Raj Baral - for debate - yes comrade.. but Kiran leadership is not good, is part of the problem..not solution ! maoistroad

Rishi Raj Baral
Netra Bikram Chanda ”Biplav” left the party ”mysteriously”. This mysterious activity has got the name of ”party split”. The Central Committee Meeting of CPN-Maoist has synthesised the political trend of Biplav, as ” right opportunism in essence, and left in form”. Not only this, the CPN-Maoist has synthesised Biplav’s political activities as unclear, confusing, mysterious and soft attitude towards the Indian expansionism. And it is the matter to observe that, medias, mostly the Pro-Indian medias, columnist and political persons including Baburam Bhattarai, a declared pro- Indian client—”the chosen gravedigger of Nepali revolution”, have praised the step of Biplav, vigorously.
It will be hasty to say that Biplav is backed by Baburam Bhattarai and other unseen elements, but frequently written articles by Baburam, in support of Biplav, indicate something mysterious. It was assumed that the ideological-political line of Biplav is the line of Maoist Peoples War– the path of New Democratic Revolution. But it was the matter of surprise that when he submitted his ”document” for the National Gathering, there was no any word for Maoist People’s War and New Democratic Revolution, rather than he had pleaded the ”theory of unified revolution”. In his document, he has mentioned the need of armed struggle, but not Maoist People’s War, not the agrarian revolution, rural guerrilla warfare and base areas.
In fact, he has discarded the need of the Three Magic Weapons, for the Nepalese revolution. I discussed several times with Biplav and his followers to follow the path of New Democratic Revolution, Maoist People’s war and to accept the role of Three Magic Weapons. Not only verbally, I suggested them also in the written form. There I pointed out more than 7 points to be corrected in his document, including the class character of the Nepalese society and International situation. It is a matter of surprise that, in his 23 pages document, not a single word has been written against the Indian expansionism. Likewise, he has mentioned China, Cuba and North Korea as the Communist countries. He was not ready to change even a single word in his document, as if, he was directed by someone and without his permission, is not ready to correct the document.
Thereafter, I wrote three articles on this issue :”Discard the Putschism” ”Ideological operation of Biplav’s ‘theory of unified revolution’” and ”Biplav’s theory is the rough photocopy of Focoism”. These articles were written in Nepalese vernacular and were published in a Daily news paper. Now these articles are available in the blog ”The Next Front. ” In his document, Biplav has mentioned the need for arm struggle. But when we study his political document and watch his activities minutely, the result appears just opposite. Then we come to know that he is not in the position to apply MLM, but he wants to apply the path adopted by Che, Debray and Mahir Chayan.
He has published a book praising and pleading Che and his ”combined revolutionary stages”. In fact, Biplav wants to motivate the cadres, not by ideologically and politically but sentimentally. He knows most of the cadres of CPN-Maoist want new change in the party. Another point is very amazing that after the ”formation” of ”new party”, he has begun bargaining for the power sharing in the current reactionary government. In fact, doing something ”extraordinary” Chanda wants to join government as soon as possible. Biplav has named his document as “Rupture from status quo, an inevitable necessity of history”. But it is not clear, what type of rupture he wants to gain and how he wants to achieve this necessity, while he has discarded the role of Nepalese proletarian class and has highlighted the role of “middle class” as the vital force for the Nepalese revolution.
And we all know, since long time Baburam Bhattarai the declared revisionist also has raised the slogan of ”middle class” for the Nepalese revolution No doubt , birds of the same feather flock together. In his document, there is another point to note that, Biplav has discarded the historical importance of Paris Commune, October Revolution and Chinese New Democratic Revolution. Particularly, repeatedly he has mentioned ”that the line, which Mao applied 60 years ago in China is not applicable for the current situation.” He pleads again and again that, there is one and only one political line to be adopted in Nepal, that is : ”theory of unified revolution.” It is true, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is not a dogma, but a guiding principal.
Concrete circumstances and specific situation of a particular country demands different kinds of tactis, struggle and organisation. But to apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in a specific situation of a particular country is one thing and to negate the role of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is another thing. Biplav has not explained the philosophical, ideological and political aspect of ”theory of unified revolution”. In his document he has not voiced the name of Che, Debray and Castro, but having gone through his document, it comes to know that he is discarding Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, New Democratic Revolution and wants to exercise Focoism. In fact philosophically the essence of Biplav’s ”theory of unified revolution” is based on nihilism, and politically it is liquidationism. It is clear, the political line which he has forwarded for the Nepalese revolution is just the Nepalese edition of Focoism, the armed revisionism.
A huge number of cadres particularly grass root cadres were his followers, but when he took the line of ”theory of unified revolution” most of the central committee leader and grass root cadres, who had followed him and were ready to follow him, have denied to join his ” theory of unified revolution” and ”new party”. It must be kept in mind that, putschism and armed revisionism will achieve nothing, in return, it will destroy the Nepalese Maoist Movement. Putschism and armed revisionism will bring only liquidation, not the revolution. It will be the means for ”red flag against the red flag”. Therefore, I urge the comrades, who have formed the ”new party,” to adopt MLM and the Maoist People’s War of Nepalese character to achieve the goal of New Democratic Revolution. Otherwise it will be better to mention the words of Comrade Mao : ”In its social origins putschism is a combination of lumpen-proletarian and petty-bourgeois ideology”.
And we all know that the lumpen-proletarians and petty-bourgeois ideology can do nothing for the revolution, it just misguides and spoils the revolution. We have another side also. Here without any hesitation, I would like to mention that it is the historical lesson for the CPN-Maoist too. We must be clear that, CPN-Maoist has passed two years without doing noteworthy works. Standing at the crossroads will achieve nothing. Now the time has come to do concrete decision, whether CPN-Maoist wants to move ahead or wastes time crying for the ”national consensus”. And there is another point to note that, a small section within CPN-Maoist is galloping for the ”party unity” with UNPN(Maoist).
It means, at present, CPN-Maoist is facing various types of challenges. CPN-Maoist is going to meet National Gathering from Friday. Let us see how CPN-Maoist will face these challenges. No matter, ”Practice Maoism not Liquidationism”, applies not only for Biplav, but also for the CPN-Maoist. Biplav’s party: has arranged its national gathering on the second week of January 2015. Let us wait and see what will happen in the future. Maoism or liquidationism: option is open for them. We firmly announce: no Focoism, no putschism, but Maoism.
Long live MLM,
Long live New Democratic Revolution.

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