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Redstarnepal. publishes report of International Meeting in Support to the People's War in India - 27-28 september

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International Meeting in Support to the People's War in India

The International Meeting in support to people's war in India on the
occasion of the 10th anniversary of the formation of the CPI (Maoist) has
been successfully held. It was attended by delegates and representatives of
political parties and organizations from Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Galicia,
France, Austria, Italy,Netherlands. Messages was sent from Canada, Spain,
Afghanistan (Party and organization), Sri Lanka, France (another
organization), Greece. A report about the action of Maoists in Tunisia in
support to the PW in India has been presented. The joining the International
Committee by the Network of Communist Blogs and another celebrating
initiative in Ireland have been announced.

The meeting realized a large unity in the support to the people's war in
India and resounded a strong LalSalaam! to the Communist Party of India
(Maoist), the Indian masses, the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army, the
leaders and cadres of the CPI (Maoist). It expressed a strong appreciation
for the initiative taken by the International Committee, important in the
world, in conjunction with the celebrations in India, in thefire of people's
war against the suppression campaigns by the Indian regime and imperialism.

The meeting took place over two days. It was first opened with a salute to
the martyrs of the Indian revolution and the Communist Party of India
After a brief introduction of the Committee and the singing of
International, there was the reading of the great message addressed to the
meeting by the CPI (Maoist), welcomed with applause and excitement.
Then the International Committee, in its report, explained how the support
to the people's war is broadening and deepening the popular support for the
war, from its birth to the International Days, to the successful
International Conference in Hamburg, organized with the League Against
Imperialist Aggression (BGIA) and the participation and support of political
parties, organizations, solidarity committees; how this initiative continued
and how it contributes to oppose the Operation Green Hunt, to the solidarity
with political prisoners, to the support the people's war, by understanding how important the PW in India is in the struggle between imperialism and
proletarians and peoples and how it affects the balance of power in the
world, how much it contributes and shows the way for the anti-imperialist
and liberation struggles of the peoples and
how it helps the unity of the Maoist communists, anti-imperialist,
democratic and progressive forces; and, finally, how it is a delimitating
expression of proletarian internationalism.

For this reason, the action of the Committee and the international support
for the PW, are today under attack by the Indian government and imperialism
and considered an important "external enemy" along with the "main internal
enemy" represented by the people's war led by the CPI (Maoist).
This Meeting was necessary for us supporters of the People's War, on the
occasion of the 10th anniversary of the formation of the Party leading it.
At the same time, the Committee has strongly condemned the state repression
in India, that, now with theModi's regime aims to wipe out any form of
political opposition and expressed solidarity with Varavara Rao and all the
participants at the Forum for the an Alternative Politics, who were
prevented to participate a meeting for the 10th anniversary of the Party.

Then all the attending committees, parties and organizations present made
their speech, expressing theirsupport to the Meeting and the People's War
and the salute to all fighters in India, the Indian masses and theCPI
(Maoist). In the speeches, this support has been connected with the burning
issues of the internationalsituation, from Ukraine to Kurdistan, from Brazil
to Europe.A strong solidarity has been expressed to the political prisoners locked up
in the jails of imperialism in India and around the world. The detention of
Abimael Guzman, the chairman Gonzalo of PCP, whose "speech from the cage"
occurs in these days the 22nd anniversary, has also been remembered.

In the speeches there were information and assessments about the stage and
problems of the support campaigns in the different countries of the world.
Particularly significant were the messages from comrades in very far parts
of the world, from Canada and Afghanistan, who although did not succeed,
despite their efforts, to attend the Meeting, reaffirmed their support and
especially their commitment to make their contribution, to provide
suggestions and proposals, to strengthen the international impact of the
support to the people's war and the role of the International Committee of
being a center of initiative and the vehicle for celebrating the 10th
Anniversary of the formation of CPI (Maoist) with Revolutionary Spirit,
promoting and coordinating the campaign with other forces which, although
are not part of the Committee,
that are engaged in the forefront in supporting the people's war, the CPI
(Maoist) and the Indian revolution.
The International Meeting - said the Committee - does not close, but indeed
opens the initiatives on theoccasion of the 10th anniversary and from this
podium ICSPWI has expressed together with all the attending forces greeting
and support to all initiatives, messages, meetings that are held or will
take place in these weeks.
The first day ended with the exciting and deep speech by the comrades of the
Proletarian Revolutionary Feminist Movement, who saluted and appreciated the
role of women in the People's War, the revolution, the development of the
movement, the construction of genuine revolutionary parties, suggesting that
women's organizations around the world take a front-line role against
imperialism and the Indian regime, the regime of feudal-capitalist
oppression and mass rapes against women.
The second day has seen a free debate between the participants in which they
addressed issues to deepen the development of people's war, the meaning of
the unity of the Maoists in the CPI (Maoist), the problems of the best
political and organizational forms to develop the support to the PW.
Then the discussion turned on the current state of preparations and the
function of the International Delegation that is going to challenge the
Indian regime in his home and the need that it helps at the best to expose
the regime of social oppression and repression and to isolate and stop the
Operation Green Hunt, the repression that now hits even prominent democratic personalities of India and the Forum for an Alternative Politics. That which
is going to India is a Delegation of solidarity activists of different
nature, within an
international campaign that will make strongly feel its representativeness
among the masses in solidarity around the world.
The majority of the participants committed to intensify their efforts to
realize such a Delegation.
In an atmosphere of unity and enthusiasm "with revolutionary spirit and
fervor" meeting has gone to the conclusion, hearing again the words of the
CPI (Maoist) and the final part of his "call to the people of India", which
make very clear the nature and stage of the great battle going on in India:
Finally, to the words of CPI(Maoist):
".we wish to speak about the great efforts you are doing in support of the
people's war in India. The news of your campaigns, its vivid images, are
being taken to our ranks, PLGA combatants and revolutionary masses as widely
as possible through our open and secret magazines and several other means.
When they know that their sisters and brothers in far off lands stand up in
militant solidarity with them, when they see images of protests before
Indian embassies, of wall writings taking the message of their revolution to
masses in those countries, their hearts swell with pride - we are not alone,
our people are there, we are everywhere.
Your acts have inspired us; they have made us more determined. We will
strive our utmost to fulfil the confidence you have reposed in us. Our
future, the future of the world revolution, the future of the world
proletariat, oppressed nations and oppressed people is certainly bright but
the path is a thorny, arduous and full of zigzags. The future of our
enemies, the imperialists and their lackeys the world over, is dark and
doom is inevitable."
The International Meeting replied:
You are not alone! We are ready to fulfill all our duties in every field ...
Lastly, a strong Lal Salaam, the singing of International and the slogans:
Long Live the CPI (Maoist)!
Long Live the People's War in India!
Long Live proletarian internationalism!
have closed the Meeting and cemented the success of this two days.

Reed all Speeches and Messages !

Participating parties and organizations (in order of speaking):

International Committee to Support People's War in India

Revolutionary Front to Defend People's Right (Brazil)

Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML)

Bloc Rouge (Unifications des Maoistes) (France)

League Against Imperialist Aggression (BGIA, Hamburg, Germany)

Committee of Construction of Maoist Communist Party of Galicia

Committee of Support to the People's War in India, Galicia

Revolutionary Construction, Austria

Maoist Communist Party - Italy (PCm-Italia)

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement (MFPR, Italy)

Maoist Communist Movement in Tunisia

Mass Line (Netherlands)

Parties and Organization which sent messages (in alphabetical order):

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist)

Irish Republican Socialist Party

Long March Toward Communism (Madrid, Spain)

Network of Communist Blogs (Spanish)

Organization of Workers of Afghanistan (M-L-M, principally Maoist)

Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada

Voie Proletarienne (Marxist-Leninist Communist Organization - Proletarian
Way, France)

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr (Wales)

Final Communiqué on the decisions.
The International Committee of Support to the GP in India has taken three
- Publication of all the speeches and messages to the Meeting, as soon as
- A new International Day in support of the people's war in the coming
- Intensify the preparation for the International Delegation.
Other decisions:
To connect the campaign for political prisoners in India to all campaigns
for political prisoners ongoing in
the world.
To develop specific initiatives in the factories of Indian multinational
companies, particularly in Europe, to
create an internationalist tie between workers in the imperialist countries
and Indian workers.
To accept the proposal to support a call for women a bridge between the
women's movement and the struggle
of women in the People's War.

International Committee

(It is press release of International Meeting in Support to the People's War in India, Italy, 27-28 September 2014)

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