Tuesday, December 23, 2014

the tribute of maoistroad to comrade Sarya


The banner of those fallen in the struggle for dignity and freedom lives in Kobanê! Comrade Sibel Bulut (Sarya Özgür/ Eylem Deniz), a party combatant, has become immortal fighting the ISIS gangs at the southern front of Kobane. Comrade Sarya’s path of life began in 1986 in Dersim and has risen to immortality after revolutionary works in different areas of struggle. Our comrade Sarya, who was in Cizire at that time, was one of the first, that followed the call of our party ‘Participate in this revolution. Defend this revolution. Answer the call of Kobanê. Mobilize yourselves.’
Our comrade Sarya said ‘It’s each honourable person’s task to stand at Kobanê’s side. Standing by Kobanê and its people is the duty of every person with self respect and conscience. As a communist, I need to be right in the midst of this fair struggle’ and saying so had been fighting as a volunteer since the 16th October 2014 in Kobanê. Our comrade Sarya defended the revolution and hoisted our party’s banner. She was a communist combatant of our struggle for dignity and freedom, which we love so much that we die for it. Just as the fallen comrades Serkan and Paramaz she was a soldier of the great and fair cause. She was one of the female representatives of self-sacrifice, as the martyrs Arin Mirxan, Yasemin and Güneş before her.
Sacrificing her life she left us an honourable heritage as well as her weapons, which we will carry on to victory. She showed the whole world that there is nothing more valuable than dignity and freedom. Resisting shoulder to shoulder the combatants of MLCP, YPG and YPJ have strengthened the struggle street for street and house for house. Doing so they carried Kobanê near to the proclamation of victory. Sarya won’t celebrate the victory dancing along with her comrades.
Yet, those following her path will sing songs of freedom on her behalf. The party banner, a sign of dignity and freedom, that has been wrapped around her will never fall down. Her weapon will be among the guns that will be fired announcing victory as it is now in the hands of her comrades and will not remain silent untill victory is achieved. In order to honour Sarya and all fallen comrades it is our dignant duty and our promise to carry on the revolutionary flame in every region and all over the world. We will fulfill these promises at all cost. We call all women, especially the communist women, that defend dignity and freedom, to follow comrade Sarya and participate in the victorious march of Kobanê. Our condolences to our peoples and to her family. Greetings to those resisting on behalf of Kobanê and the Rojava revolution.
Glory to the Paramaz Kızılbaş’s, Arin Mirxan’s, Sarya Özgür’s!
Civil name: Sibel Bulut
Mother’s name: Zekiye
Father’s name: Nusret
Place of birth: Dersim Date of birth: 18.11.1986
Party name: Sarya/Eylem Deniz
Date of immortality: 12.12.2014
Rojava, 13th December 2014

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