Wednesday, February 12, 2020

ALBANIA – New fascist law against the people passed

The Albanian Government enact an new law. They official said its to fight the organized crimes. But that law gives the police a lot of opportunities. The police is allowed to check all people in the state, who they think are involved in crimes. They also have all opportunity to freeze the financial of people and could to operations without involvement of judicial system.

The special thing of this law is, that the prime minister Edi Rama has enact this law in a close cooperation with the US and EU embassy. But they only says they did not see the finished version and don’t comment it more.

Human rights organizations criticized the way how the law gets enacted. They said the fact that the law package has not been made public was itself “a serious breach of the constitutional principles”. Because only in national emergency the government could change the constitutional principles.

This law is an attack against democracy and an attack against the people. It is a law only to save and defend the interests of the US and EU imperialists and to increase their influence in Albania and to have a better position.

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