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info Nepal - Negotiation Proposal of the Government and Issues of the Country - reply of PCN- Chand

Negotiation Proposal of the Government and Issues of the Country

Negotiation Proposal of the Government and Issues of the Country
The government has issued a public notice proposing a negotiation with the political parties and organizations which have not been satisfied with the current state-regime. However, it has not clarified the nature of the negotiation with the distinctive theoretical ground and objectives. Different parties and organizations might have different demands in the country. The contradiction raised by the regime, is creating the demands in the society. Those appointed for the negotiation on behalf of the government are expressing the opinions like for the formation of the ‘inclusive’, ‘equitable’, ‘justified’ and ‘forward-looking’ state-system in totality. The government using such terminologies seems to be very cautious and prudent; the government has not been able to come out of the imperialistic parliamentary system, is hesitant to come forward solving the current burning issues of the country. The government seems to have the intention of utilizing the environment of the negotiation to encompass all the parties and organizations into the outdated parliamentary system but not to solve the real problems of the country. Therefore, all the people including the members of our party should be out of such confusion.

Generally, it is a positive step for the government, to put-forward the negotiation
proposal to solve the problems of the country. Generally, negotiation is a political aspect, whose possibility and necessity lies everywhere. No Marxist, Leninist and Maoist Communist Party deny the possibility and necessity of the negotiation. Out party is struggling for the goal of installing the ‘scientific socialism’ ending the former as well as current comprador capitalism; is moving forward to end the suppression of the comprador capitalism unifying all the suppressed people in the country; is also struggling empower the people ending the dominance of the handful of the plunderers. There is no chance of deviating away from the negotiation, if these issues are addressed and solved properly. We whole-heartedly desire the solution of the problems through the negotiation. Needless to clarify that a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party desires to change of the regime through peaceful process, and to guarantee the radical change of the society. Therefore, neither do we reject the issue of the negotiation, nor does a Maoist Communist deviate from the issue. Nevertheless, the achievement of the negotiation is so little so far, expect in some of the particular issues.

At the process of Second World War, the negotiation between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin in 1943 had yield a positive result. Such negotiation was signed on an especial ground of power-balance. Otherwise, the negotiation campaigns have been launched with the intention of swallowing up or annihilate other’s existence.. Therefore, the issue of the negotiation has been understood as the special situation of the power-balance.

The issue of the negotiation is not new in the world-communist movement as well as at the Nepalese communist movement. The communist parties have several of the fresh experiences of the negotiation signed with the bourgeoisie-regimes. The people want to know– what is the negotiation for, to create which consensus, and to fulfill which demand? Should we sign the negotiation to fulfill the people’s interest or the interest of the anti-people? Is it for the interest of the workers, peasants and suppressed-class people or for the interest of the comprador-capitalists and feudal land-lords? Should it be for the interest of the national-capitalists or for the interest of the imperialist capitalists? Or is it a tactical game to annihilate each-other. Is it to out-break the war, or is it to create the situation of the fierce-resistance? They are the issues, which the negotiation creates and addresses everywhere in the world.

First of all, we would like to understand the government’s concept and understanding on these issues. Different parties and organizations might have different opinion about these issues. We would rather like the parties in the power have clear understanding on these issues. No parliamentary party should have any confusion about our party. Because, several of the times, the negotiations have been launched in Nepal.

The political parties in the pasts as Nepali Congress, CPN (ML) had also signed negotiation with the King. Among so many conspiracies, pressers and confusions, they were forced to accept the Kingship in the parliamentary system. The leading forces of the movement of 2046-47 BS (1990AD), like Nepali Congress and CPN (ML) were not able to install a minimum capitalist regime according as their goal and objectives, and were forced to yield in front of the modern feudalism. Being participated to the age-old feudal regime, NC and UML kept on supporting it. They were not sensitive to the issues of the people, and people were forced to launch decade-long armed struggle, they kept on deceiving the people in the name of negotiation again and again.

Similarly, UCPN (Maoist) was our own party then, but it couldn’t bear the struggle with the Nepali Congress and CPN (UML) and converted according with their desire and drowned into the swamp of the parliamentary system. Being into the same basket these parties have been standing on the same ground and shouting for the negotiation. Being alert and disagreeing with such conspiracies and shamelessness, we have been committed to the issues of the country and people. We can’t be deviate from the issues and interest of the people in the name of the negotiation.

All the political parties, the Nepalese people and international community know well that out party is a revolutionary party which is launching movement for the installation of the scientific socialism in the country, to develop Nepal as the self-dependent and prosperous country and fighting for the prosperity and independence of the people. To introduce a radical transformation in the country, to empower the people ending the bourgeoisie comprador class, to unify the people in a real sense, and lead the country to the prosperity, progress the comprador-capitalist class in the country are under a threat.

Nepal Communist party is also a force of all the working-class people in the world, which doesn’t aim for the revolution within the country only, rather desires to establish a friendly relationship with the people fighting for the liberation, all over the world through the revolutionary parties and organization. This party aims to end the capitalist regime and install the scientific socialism on the basis of the theoretical, political and philosophical norms of the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. The scientific socialist society is far better than the current capitalism for the prosperity and progress of the human-being. Such society will be free from all of the vices of the current capitalist society like poverty, unemployment, war-threat, environment-crisis, diseases and maladies, inhuman tortures, all people being harmonious to nature, all the people will be unified not for the capitalist profit, but for the necessity, welfare and progress of the human society. The concept and aim of this scientific socialism have created a threat to the headquarters of the imperialism. With such Marxist-Leninist-Maoist goal and objectives, our party has targeted the comprador capitalist in the country and imperialist capitalism at the international level; they like to crush it at the bud. Now our party has been working to complete the responsibility of the revolution, to explore the way for the human virtues and progress, and struggling to end the plundering, smuggling, human-trafficking, and dependence of the country imposed for the profit of the few of the people in the country.

Though the country has been politically changed into the republican state, the suppression and plundering upon the country and people has not been changed. There is great difference between the parliamentary parties and out party on the issue of the solution to this problem. Otherwise, there needn’t be any necessity of the struggle and negotiation there.

What is the fundamental difference between the parliamentary parties and ours? Primarily, we can enumerate the difference like: should the political power to all the people or to some handful only? Should we make the country self-dependent, independent, and sovereign or keep it dependent, neo-colonial and satellite situation? Should we develop the national capital in the country and make the national industrialists and whole country to be competent in the international market, should we keep the country just a market to consume foreign product? Should we create the employment within the country through the entrepreneurship environment, should well sell the youth of the citizen in the foreign land in a cheap price? Should we convert the country in the economically solvent selling all the natural resources in the name of foreign employment or should we make the country able to consume the ‘Direct Foreign Investment (DFI)’, making the domestic economic system stronger? Should we keep Nepalese Currency independent or keep it under the subjugation of the foreign-currency? Should we keep the security system of Nepal under the control of Nepalese people, or keep it under the foreign power? Should we reform the international treaties cancelling all the former and humiliating treaties signed to keep the country under the dominance, should we make them humiliating surrendering to the foreign power? Should we keep the army-police of Nepal the safe-guard of the Nepalese people, Nepalese sovereignty or Nepalese dignity, or make them just the mercenaries of the foreign power? Should we develop Nepal just a playing ground to breed the mercenaries or should we develop it as a dignified country able to maintain a friendly relationship for the international friendship, peace and prosperity? There is completely radical difference between these parliamentary parties and out party.

The Parliamentary parties and their reactionary regime are standing for the comprador capitalists and is using the propaganda of ‘elected representatives’, ‘adult enfranchise’, ‘periodical election’ etc. They like to lead the country under the subjugation to the foreign powers; they are inviting and welcoming the foreign interferences. They do not like to install the industries; rather make the country the market of the international business. They don’t like to create the employment in the country rather like to send the youths to the foreign land to sell their labor in cheap price. Just to preserve their power, they like to invite the uncontrolled foreign investment. They are converting the Nepalese Army to be most corrupted one. They are converting whole nation into the breeding land or mercenary and cheap labor-force.
We like to know what is the opinion of the government on these issues, while they are shouting for the negotiation, which need to be clarified by the government itself?

We had also tabled the talk, negotiation and consensus with the seven parliamentarian parties during 2062/064 BS (2006-08 AD) in the leadership of the then Chairman of Maoist Party, Comrade Prachand. The negotiation was for the purpose of ending constitutional monarchy to install people’s democratic republic and ending the dictatorship of comprador capitalism and to install people’s democratic dictatorship in the leadership of working class or proletariat people. We wanted to utilize the negotiation to empower the people well. As the parliamentarian political parties agreed to it theoretically, ‘The Comprehensive Peace-negotiation’ was made possible then.

However, the people’s government installed in their initiation, were being displaced. The process had started to displaced the revolutionary culture installed by people’s government. The inter-caste and inter-cultural marriages which were being flourished have been disappeared again. The social evils like caste-discrimination, witch-crafts, Dhami-Jhakri, tribal-discrimination, which were almost finished with the people’s power have also reviving now. ‘The People’s Liberation Army’, which contributed that much to install the republicanism in the country has been dissolved and its commanders were misused for the benefit of the capitalists within the party and outside. Directly or indirectly, the right of the women, minorities and marginalized people have been finished. Though new country’s code has been introduced displacing the former one, which has pushed the women to the suppression of the barbaric stage and the rulers have been so dictator like Hitler abusing the individual right of the people.

As such symptoms were seen in the so-called peace-process, we launched the two-line struggle within the party. During such two-line struggle, comrade Prachand had once said, ‘Sometimes, a large ship takes a long time to take a round.’ whose meaning was they needed a good deal of time, to come back to the revolutionary line from their newly taken parliamentarian line. The ship of Prachand has no hope to return back to its right revolutionary course; rather it has been completely drowned into the parliamentarian system. The then revolutionary Maoist party has been swallowed up by parliamentarian UML Party. It has completely drowned there without any of its symptoms.

After the Palungtar plenum, the party split one group was under the leadership of comrade Prachand, and another under the leadership of comrade Kiran. At that time, comrade Prachand was launching propaganda that this party-split is nothing more than a drama, where things have been already designed well. The group under Prachand’s group is to launch the struggle within the parliament and the group under Kiran’t leadership is to launch the struggle outside. Some of them were also reinterpreting it as the designed collaborating between these two parties strengthening all the struggles as people’s war, people’s struggle, negotiation, diplomacy and parliamentarian as well as road-demonstration, according as the mandate of ‘Kamidanda-plenum’.

There was a vested interest after such propaganda, which was to dissolve the Maoist movement. Whatever the attitude we were doubting and protesting, for which we have separated the party, has been proved hundred percent; the leadership of comrade Prachand has been proved to be the neo-reformism, and surrenderism. In the name of negotiation, are those former UML-MK leaders ready to correct their mistakes? They are not clarified in this regard so properly.

While they are shouting for the negotiation, on the other hand, all the programs and activities of our party has been prohibited and annihilated. The polite-bureau members of our party including the spokes-person Prakand, like Padam Rai, Uma Bhujel, Krishna Dhamala, Mohan Karki, Om Pun, and central Committee members like Dev Narayan Yadav, Deepesh, Asal, Ajaad have been arrested. They have been dragged to different places and harassed with the fake-litigations. The state-power has been abused to threat upon our party, we have been prohibited to go to the people, they have tried their best to make competition in the development, which can be interpreted as the bourgeoisie-dictatorship too.

Very interestingly, the government which has been claiming for the ‘Rule of Law’ has been discarding the order of the supreme-court, and all the norms and values of the civilized system have been refuted. Moreover, out party has launched a program of organization strengthening and organization expansion campaign. The spies have been deputed in the plain-clouth country-widely, to distract people’s support to our party as they have not been able to compete with us politically. Our phones have been trapped, in some of the places, the armed police and civic-police have been deputed against us. The leaders and cadres have been arrested from their home. How should we understand such activities of the government? Is this government forcing us to refute it equally with the similar manner?

There is sufficient ground for us to raise the use of anti-national activates, the market-skiing, corruption, smuggling, ill-activities, and plundering upon the country. We have been saying that we Nepalese people should launch large projects like upper-Karnali, Arun third, West-Seti, upper Marsyangdi, in our own investment otherwise in out our initiation and leadership but taking the foreign loan, but to keep our control over it. But they are selling their authority to the foreign powers.

The current government was believed to be free from the corruption; however, more than two-thousand representatives have been charged of the corruption. Can we say it a corruption-free government? It has imposed the tax upon the people up to 2000 percent keeping the facilities to the people under zero-level. Is it a political purity hiding that much smugglings and black market, in the name of taking action upon the minor officers, but protecting the major ones?

The heinous incidents like rape, murder etc. have been launched under the protection of the government. After this government of Nepal Communist Party got the two-third majority in the parliament, it has snatched back all the right even to speak in the parliament. Such attitude of the government is going to the bourgeoisie reactionary dictatorship.

At this state, the whole Maoist Communist Movement needs to the reformed, polarized and strengthened again. All the leaders including the Baburam Bhattarai, Prachand and Kiran should return-back to the Maoist movement again realizing all of their past mistakes. Those leaders who had so great contribution to the revolution in the past shouldn’t have the such mistakes now.

All the leaders and comrades, who have not been completely drowned into the parliamentary system, should return back to the main-stream of the Maoist revolutionary struggle. No one should have any confusion in mind; the scientific socialism is possible through the parliamentary system. All of the revolutionary comrades and leaders should join their hands for to develop the struggle in the right course.

We should not be deviated from the path of the martyrs. They should not deceive to the martyrs and should not be drowned to the parliamentary politics, they should return back to the right-line as soon as possible. Maoist party is alive; the party-line of unified revolution is still alive. The necessity of the revolution is the necessity of all people in the country. Therefore, all the revolutionary forces, all the Maoist leaders and comrades should be mainstreamed for the liberation of the country and people.

Now in the name of the negotiation, the government is speaking the language of gun, forcing us to take the gun, to murder out leaders, to arrest and imprison our leaders. However Nepalese people are observing us, are evaluating who is right and who is wrong? Therefore, the design of the government is not going to be sustainable. Those in the leadership of the current state-power are forcing people to come into the counter or resistance activities and programs.

By Dharmendra-Bastola (Kanchan)

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