Tuesday, May 14, 2019

after Mayday Joint Declaration - open letter MaoistRoad

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Dear comrades,
This year for the May Day we had a strong and serious Joint Declaration by the Maoist Marxist-Leninists from different countries which clarified, within the bounds of possible mediations between the signatories, and brought their commitment to struggle against imperialism, war, reaction and fascism and a firm decision to intensify the real, not imaginary, class struggle, in close connection with the real proletarian masses, to assert the way of the proletarian revolution in the world with the updated weapon of people's war, applied to the different conditions of the different countries. A weapon that can be used if led by genuine communist parties, as organized vanguard detachment of the proletariat and leading nucleus of the whole people.

The Joint Declaration has raised the red flag of the Third Communist International, in its Centenary, and the heritage of its great history, rich of lessons and victories, which are today more than ever needed in every field of class struggle and for internationalist unity.

The Declaration launched a genuine, and non-propaganda and factional, call for unity of communists – their parties and organizations – based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, against revisionism and petty bourgeois “leftism”, and, at the same time, another call for the unity of action in the class struggle and for international mass campaigns, aimed to all genuine revolutionary forces, besides to the MLMs.

The Declaration took up the commitment to convene a preparatory meeting this year, to march together towards a joint International Conference - a meeting which prepares and strengthens bilateral meetings, common declarations, exchange of documents and struggle of positions - because what we need is not the self-celebratory conference of a faction - but a serious step forward possible today, all together and for all the time necessary according the class struggle and the revolutionary struggle, towards a new Communist International.

The May Day Declaration combined complexity and realism with clarity and simplicity, correctness of method and openness in order to gather forces, especially thinking of those that have not yet been collected but that are necessary, and did it, or at least tried, without bombastic stereotypical rhetoric; but with a language and explanation which are easily understood by the vanguards of the masses.

This Declaration was not a self-celebratory document written for Internet but it was actually widely spread among workers and the masses in different countries.

Each party and organization has added its own Declaration to the Joint one, making clear their own position. This is good, it allows debate and the struggle to march together to contribute to the assertion of a common correct general line.

Now we must aim to realize a joint preparatory meeting in December of this year, with the aim to achieve the joint international conference in 2020, if we are able to do all the necessary work, with humility and abnegation, according to the possibilities and capabilities of each one.

Together, comrades, in the struggle within our movement, and above all in the class struggle, with the Marxist scientific and class spirit, with the Leninist spirit of the fighting vanguard, with the Maoist will to 'serve the people' wholeheartedly.

Maoist Road
May 2019

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