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TKPML - 1st CONGRESS! - Call received

To the Turkish, Kurdish and various nationalities of our people;
Established under the leadership of comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya on 24 April 1972, our Party has accomplished its 1st Congress, which Ibrahim Kaypakkaya planned, but could not lead due to his imprisonment and subsequent murder in custody.
The international proletariat and the Communist parties, that embody its struggle, have always, despite the historical ups and downs marched forward. By not abandoning the red flag from its first day of foundation, our party TKP-ML has always remained a important contingent of this movement.
Our party TKP-ML has successfully held its first Congress. This Congress is seen by the Party as an important milestone that is a platform where shortcomings and weaknesses are discussed and ways to overcome these weaknesses and shortcomings are formulated; experience and knowledge is consolidated in order to build on its strengthens to facilitate further advance.
Our 1st Congress has a special historical importance for the international proletariat, the proletariat of our country and our people. Despite the counter-revolutionary offensive against our party in April 2015 by German imperialism in collaboration with the Turkish state, that was followed by an opportunist, splitist and liquidationist attack led by a minority group within the Party, who were ‘leftist’ in words and rightist in practice, our Congress, firmly embracing its principles, saluted the achievements of the founders of our party and rejected all forms of liquidationist attacks.

In the current climate, where revolutionary struggle faces extreme disadvantageous conditions, people’s movement has retracted due to severe attacks by fascist dictatorship on revolutionary, patriotic and progressive forces; our Party TKP-ML has shown the determination to successfully complete its 1stCongress. In this sense, our Congress was an ideological and political response to the attacks of the fascist dictatorship. No one should doubt that they will receive a formidable response from us in the battlefield too.
Our toiling masses… Workers, peasants, women, youth…
The fact that the fascist dictatorship has violently won a few footholds and their spokesmen continues to threatens and voice vicious attacks against the people, may have made the conditions difficult but this must never be interpreted in a wrong or one sided way. If everything was going their way, they would not have needed to continue to cry out so much. No! The fact is that nothing is going according to their plans and they are unable to rule the way they want. The state of economic crisis, which is deepening day by day, has reached such a point where they cannot manage their crisis by continuing to shift the burden on the labouring masses anymore.
That’s why they’re screaming so much.
Although they are trying to discipline the working class by imposing poverty and hunger, we see live examples of how a united working class organise themselves and defeat their attackers.
That’s why they’re threatening so much.
They are desperate for a good night’s sleep following the ongoing nightmares brought about by the resistance of the Kurdish people that they tried to wipe out by destroying their homes and slaughtering them in their basements. After waking up quickly from their hallucinations about “occupying Damascus in three days” faced with peoples resistance and war in Rojova, they are now trying to find a secure place under the wings of different imperialist powers.
That’s why they see a ‘terrorist’ every where they look.
Despite of all the attacks, they see how tens of thousands of women and LGBTI+ individuals unite and occupy the streets.
That’s why they continue with their sexist attacks.
In short, the reason for all these open attacks, the threats, the massacres, torture, prison sentences, etc. is their horror and the recognition of their impending bleak and dark future.
That’s why they’re afraid! As a result of this fear, they shout so much. The more they scream and cry out, the more they become afraid and the more violent they become! They act like a wounded monster who sees its end approaching! But fear cannot help them! Undoubtedly, our reckoning will be proportional to our suffering, hardships, oppression and massacres.
For us, this side of the coin and what we see there is essential. It is the organized struggle of the people who will bury them in that darkness. It is our conscious anger and our class enmity that smash the reactionaries!
It is precisely in such a reality that our Party, TKP-ML, carried out its 1st Congress; to signify that the resistance is ongoing, the struggle continues, and that there is hope and there is a determined will to win. The 1st Congress was a torch lit against the darkness spread by the ruling classes, in order to shine the path for the toiling masses and the oppressed Turkish and Kurdish people. We call upon all labouring masses of people to join us to carry this torch together and to be a part of the war for liberation and freedom.
The biggest fear of the dominant classes is the organized pwer of the masses. An organized mass integrated with the Communist Party will be the creators of their dark end. Our party, TKP-ML, with its Congress and its revolutionary communist agenda, has put forward the task and the will to integrate with the masses of our people from various nations and nationalities, to fulfil their duties properly and to prepare the ranks for this war. Our revolutionary march will be carried forward when this task and will is merged with the limitless power of the masses.
Overcoming our shortcomings is our duty!
The congress, which sets out the aim and claim of power, declares that the weaknesses and the deficiencies that it has identified as obstacles to the realization of the revolution are our immediate tasks in order to resolve to advance to the future. This will be achieved by not staying away from the class struggle, but on the contrary to be involved in the central areas of the class struggle and engage in the sharpest points of contradictions. This will be achieved under the control of the masses. With its short-term and medium-term planning in the ideological, political and organizational fields, the tasks of TKP-ML are the development of the People’s War, the organization of the working class in cities, the deeper integration with the Kurdish nation, and the integration with all dynamics of the oppressed masses, including women, the people’s youth and the unemployed.
Our congress was held in an environment where full democracy existed, important issues on our agenda were discussed, and decisions were made. The holding of the Congress has concluded the discussions on program of the Party and accepted the Party program. At the same time, the party has made various arrangements and additions based on the suggestions on the statutes.
Our 1st Congress also made historical decisions in terms of women’s liberation struggle, by deciding to establish the Communist Women’s Union (Komünist Kadınlar Birliği / KKB) as an autonomous organization led by our Party.
Our 1st Congress directed the orientation in ideological deepening, political competence, organizational consolidation and military determination against all the attacks against our party, especially the attacks of imperialism and fascism.
Our Party has taken these and other important concrete decisions in its 1st Congress in order to prevent these issues from only being mentioned and not be put in practice. With the new organizations and adjustments, our Party will be able to reach the dynamics that have been mentioned by analysing in a wider framework from the statute to the program, and from strategy to current policies. Our mission is not to produce revolution on paper, but revolution in practice.
In this sense, our Congress calls on all our people, the millions of oppressed and exploited, all the workers and laborers, the Kurdish people, women and the youth to be part of the Democratic People’s Revolution to establish the power of people for freedom and liberation against the fascist dictatorship. Without the Democratic People’s Revolution, we cannot demolish their palaces, establish our future and achieve progress. As is evident in history, today the fascist dictatorship can only be demolished by the People’s War.
While our Party TKP-ML at its 1st Congress emphasised the crises of the Turkish ruling classes, it also put on the agenda the issue of countering the fragmentation of revolutionary and democratic forces, and the need to join forces. It has made explicit decisions on this issue, to continue to uphold line of ideological struggle, to create principled common ground against the aggression of the ruling classes in line with the concrete objectives. The oppressed labouring masses demand this from us and the TKP-ML will make every effort to fulfil its duty in this regard.
Undoubtedly, the economic and political crisis mentioned above is not only valid for the Turkish ruling classes. While the imperialist capitalist system continues its decay, it also continues to deepen the contradiction of the oppressed peoples of the World against imperialism and reaction. It is not possible to talk about a place in the world where despite the fragmentation amongt the people the anger of the oppressed does not pour out in to the streets. On the other hand, it is fact that the genuine leadership of the revolution, the communist movements, that is the subjective forces of the revolution, lag behind in ability to  organize and transform this anger to revolution. A reflection of this is the current weakness in international relations and the absence of collective and inclusive organisation. With decisions taken in the 1st Congress, our party TKP-ML is ready to take the steps to fill this gap in the international area with the formula “develop our country’s revolution to serve the world revolution”. While TKP-ML; will making every effort to carry out the tasks related to the revolution in our country, it also will extend solidarity with the revolutionary initiatives and the class struggle in other countries and will work towards the establishment and the strengthening of the ideological-political leadership of the proletarian world revolution, that will lead all these struggles.
Our 1st Congress honoured and was attributed to our martyred Party’s member Nubar Ozanyan, regarding him as an exemplary representative of the Party’s identity in Rojava. The line from Ibrahim Kaypakkaya to Mehmet Demirdag and Nubar Ozanyan underlines the communist character and the quality of the dedicated cadres aspired to by our Party. It was emphasized that we can overcome the current difficult process only by taking comrade Ozanyan as an example to follow.
Our communist leader Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, our martyred general secretaries Süleyman Cihan, Kazim Celik and Mehmet Demirdag, that were immortalized in the war, and our comrade Nubar Ozanyan, whom this congress is attributed to and who commanded the military forces in our Party at its most difficult times, will continue to guide and teach our party with their ideological-political-organizational leadership showing that has demonstrated the real meaning and manifestation of revolution in practice.
TKP-ML Central Committee – Political Bureau
April 2019

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