Thursday, May 30, 2019

Maoistroad - unity and struggle of mlm parties and organisations against right revisionism-opportunism and ‘leftist’ opportunism, dogmatism and petty bourgeois revolutionism...

from Joint Declaration MayDay 2019

Within the imperialist countries the tendency to fascism and open dictatorship advances.

In countries oppressed by imperialism, where the ruling regimes have always been reactionary and subservient of the imperialist powers, illusions on national, popular and anti-imperialist governments are falling down and dictatorships with openly fascist and military character are advancing    

Imperialism is misery, reaction and war....

....To develop and build the parties of the working class, to root them among the masses; to wage a hard struggle within the ranks of the masses for the ideological and political independence of the proletariat, based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism; to build mass organizations under the leadership of these parties, able to lead the struggling sectors of masses and tear them away form the influence of the reactionary fundamentalist Pan Islamist. fascist-populist forces as well as the remnants of the social democratic and reformist forces; fight economism, legalism, imperialist chauvinism.....

...To organize the proletariat and mass resistance to internal reactionaries wars and, when the imperialist war advances, make serious determined preparations, to transform it into revolution; to build the militant and fighting forces of the masses to respond to state repression and fight fascist groups; to direct and pave the way for a true revolutionary struggle to overthrow imperialism, its states, its governments and establish the proletarian power....

...Against this system and its crisis the proletarians and the peoples are rebelling both in the imperialist countries and in the countries oppressed by imperialism. The objective conditions of the class struggle, of the national liberation struggle, of the people’s war are getting sharper.
On the subjective level, the proletariat and its Marxist-Leninist-Maoist (MLM) organizations are still lagging behind in developing strategies, tactics and organizations and are not up to the challenges put by the objective situation both in the imperialist countries and in the countries oppressed by imperialism.
The ruling classes of the whole world are increasingly resorting to fascism, to impose their plans and their power and also to divert the growing discontent and resistance of the people’s masses....

III International 
....The taking up of all this historical heritage is needed today more than ever for a real advancement of the international working class movement and the communist MLM movement in order to get rid, by means the active ideological struggle and the two-line-struggle, of the influences of the right revisionism-opportunism that leads to capitulation and also, as a secondary enemy but harmful to the purpose the ‘leftist’ opportunism, dogmatism and petty bourgeois revolutionism.....

....the genuine MLM communists call for:-  a unity based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, on the path of people’s war for the development of the world proletarian revolution.

A unity that will develop mutual help and cooperation to make common steps forward ...... the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist International Joint Conference of the MLM parties and organizations, with meetings and content discussions about ideological political items and tasks of this...
- the construction of proletarian parties able to lead the class struggle through the direct experience of the proletarians and peoples, towards the development of new democratic and socialist revolutions.– a unity of action in the fundamental fields of the class struggle both in the imperialist countries and in the countries oppressed by imperialism: 
             -the support to the People’s war in India, the Philippines and all the countries, Peru, Turkey etc.- where the path of the people’s war is developed at different stages; 
             -the defense and release of the political prisoners and prisoners of war in the world; 
             -the development of the anti-fascist and anti-imperialist front; 
-the unity of the classist trade union organizations;
- the development of women’s struggle and proletarian feminist revolutionary organizations.

extraits of May day 2019 Joint Declaration

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