Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Hail the 16th anniversary of Foundation CPI (Maoist)!

 for this anniversary we propose read and study of the texts of the first 10 years of PCI (Maoist)

  • [Books: CPI(Maoist) 10th Anniversary Commemorative Volumes] “Collected Interviews — September 2004 - August 2014”, (October 2014), interviews given by the CPI(Maoist) leadership, 564 pages.   English: PDF Format   [1,470 KB]

  • [Books: CPI(Maoist) 10th Anniversary Commemorative Volumes] “Collected Statements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), 2004-2014”, (October 2014), in 2 different layouts, each in 3 volumes. The “View” layout has the pages sequentially in order, while the “Print” layout has them in the proper order for printing the sheets double-sided and then combining them into printed volumes (with 16-page signatures).         

  • we propose still  the 10th Celebration's texts and speechs of the Meeting in Italy

    ask ICSPWI csgpindia@gmail.com

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