This state is now developing the foundation for its white terror, as possible inside the general framework of the recent State of Emergency, with the action against “Red Construction”, a group in the revolutionary movement which is well connected to different parts of the movement and over its boundaries. The signal which the police is sending is: “We can strike against every one of you”. The action against “Roter Aufbau” is also connected with the protests against the G20-summit in July 2017 in which this group played a role. After its public humiliation for the use of excessive force against non-violent protesters in some parts of the protests, the police is in need to raise the pressure against the revolutionary movement. The charges, whichinclude an alleged connection with the torching of the private car of a police officer, are totally bogus and everyone knows it.
There is another factor that also is important, that is the judges and public prosecutors currently are more inclined to accept “massive sweeps” of this kind. Recently there have been a successful campaign against the “pedophiles” (child-molesting scum) in the country. After arresting a few of them the police gathered so much information that it has led to a whole new group of suspects and so forth. It is what they call the “onion-tactics”, in which every “layer” of suspects leads to the next “layer” of suspects and gives more information. Of course the ambition of every judge and public prosecutor is to champion a similar success, and therefore takes the risk of permitting police actions with lower chance of success in the courts.1 With the strike against “Roter Aufbau” they intend to start the same process, this is also why it is a strike against the revolutionary movement of the FRG in its entirety. No revolutionary in the FRG can look at this situation isolated or from the view point “of his own group”. And in this regard no revolutionary can forget the work of the political police and its plans, which now are heading towards a Police State.
This is why the strike against this part of the revolutionary movement in the FRG demand a broad work of solidarity in the whole movement in the country. Even though there are some historical contradictions between the Maoists and “Roter Aufbau” as well as obvious political ones, for example in the understanding of the current moment of class struggle in the FRG and the means that are necessary to fight it. Therefore “Dem Volke Dienen” already published a statement in German calling for actions in every city of the FRG, which is still correct.
1 The enemy is not “a monolithic block”, there are always contradictions in its camp. In this case the political interest in their in-fighting, bourgeois competition and the fact that some of these people are demo-liberals and not straight-out fascist is to take into account when dealing upon repression of the revolutionary movement.