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COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST) - Central committee is expelling Kobad Ghandy from CPI(Maoist)


Press Release November 27th2021

Kobad Ghandy wrote a book named ‘fractured freedom a prison memoir’ and released it to the
public in 2021 after his release in 2019 from prison. Through this book, it is understood that he was
completely separated from Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. While in prison, in 2010, he released six articles
like “question of freedom, people’s emancipation’ which expressed humanitarianism, idealism that are in
essence bourgeoisie and ruling class ideology. ‘Mainstream’ magazine published those articles. Those
thoughts re-emerged in a crystallized form in the fractured freedom book. Sitting under the trees of jail
premises, Kobad reviewed his practice, he came to conclusion that first of all there should be an
environment of freedom, new set of values and universal happiness. He also stated that these three
aspects of life that have to be woven into any project for change that did not reflect in his 40 year
revolutionary life, so put this as goal post before going to change the world. He is also saying that the
essence should be grasped from bourgeoisie moral stories. In this way, by selecting idealist path he is
dishonestly saying that there is no happiness and freedom in the Marxist way of practice that is why,
Marxism is failed in reaching its target. He is wrongly explaining and commenting on Marxism-Leninism-
Maoism. Marxism is telling that correct ideas should be generated through class struggle, production and
scientific research in society. Karl Marx quoted in Capital that the man should develop his dormant
potentialities and take into control the inner potentialities through the process of changing the external
world; by this process only he can also change his nature (thought). We can’t achieve a change in the
thoughts of man without applying a revolutionary action for the change of external world. The Kobad’s
mysticism is only related to the feudal and bourgeoisie ideology but it has no relation to Marxism which is
more scientific in philosophical aspect. Kobad abandoned the dialectical and historical materialism,
principles of Marxism and class struggle, but he selected the way of getting happiness through mysticism.
Mr. Kobad Ghandy followed Naxalbari politics more than 40 years and continued CC member of the
CPI(ML) Peoples War and acted as Maharashtra State Committee Leader and latter continued Polit Bureau
member of CPI(Maoist) until his arrest. In 2009, he was arrested; right from his arrest he was telling that he
was not a Maoist. So many times he told in press meets that police clamped concocted cases upon him. He
categorically stated that, was not a Maoist. Being a member of the highest committee of the revolutionary
party, he told untruth immediately after his arrest. He had lost integrity and trying to satisfy the ruling
classes. What will be the message to be given to the society? What value it has?
After releasing from jail he did not contact the party, without discussing the party and violating the
party constitution, democratic centralism and ideological principles, he wrote and released the book. This
is all displaying the anarchist tendencies in Kobad Ghandy. By this book he is trying to inculcate pessimism
in the revolutionary camp and false allegations against the Maoist party. When the fascist Modi
government is trying hard to root out the revolutionary movement until 2022 by intensifying the
Samadhan-Prahar military campaign, Kobad released his book in the service of ruling class. He explained in
the book that he had good companion with criminal world and jail authorities and had comfortable life in
prison. Without shame, he openly praised the criminal gangs and jail authorities. He falsely alleged that the

Maoists had close links with mafia and often led them in jail. But since the Naxalbari period, the Naxalites
form a revolutionary tradition and lead so many struggles for the cause of prisoners’ rights in particular
and revolution in general with sacrifices. Mr.Kobad made filthy allegations against the party in prison, he
didn’t raise his voice against the jail authorities for the cause of prisoners. Besides that, he got individual
facilities from the authorities. He has no right to speak against Maoist prisoners. In addition to that, he is
propagating that the party has no support from people, the party is roving rebels. This is nothing but
joining his voice with ruling class propaganda.
Kobad criticized Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and its political practice in his book. What was the
reason of defeat in the struggle for socialism at the time of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao? What were the
reasons behind the failure of Cultural Revolution after Mao’s death? He raised these questions and he said
that in the Marx’s writings the humanitarian principles were present, but these were absent in the
practical movements in the later periods. He didn’t give importance to the humanitarian values in the
socialist states formed in the leadership of Lenin, Stalin and Mao. He also said that economic determinism
had played dominance in those movements, in this way dictatorship displaced the democratic centralism in
the communist parties. Because of this, socialism was failed, these are the arguments posed by Kobad in
his book. He is distorting history that the revolutions didn’t success in peace period and succeed only in
world war period. The influence of power and money should be minimized in communist society. Marxism
explained the way for the attainment of that. Despite that, money and power are the main problems in the
society and these are creating so many deviations. By saying that, Kobad is trying to divert the people from
the way of attaining state power through struggle path. In this way he is opposing fundamental principles
of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. The ideological and political struggle between MLM and bourgeoisie
ideology has been going on for the last 175 years. MLM achieved so many successes and gained rich
experiences in the field of ideological political struggle. Those victories are useful for the proletariat and
oppressed people. Mr. Kobad is denying all these victories and trying to betray the oppressed people and
He is questioning that what has achieved the communist party since its formation, what is the
reason for the setback of the revolutionary movement in India? The revolutionary parties without research
saying with determinism the revolution will succeed. He is questioning they are not recognizing the
changes that took place in the working class. He is also said that the party reduced the caste problem into
class issue. He is criticizing that the communists are saying that the caste will be disappeared through
industrialization. The Maoist party had been originated in the struggle against revisionism and established
as a true revolutionary party in the country. The party is making documents by analyzing concrete
conditions in a scientific way and also enriching these documents according to the changes that took place.
We can find the answers in these documents for the questions raised by Kobad Ghandy. As a member of
the party’s leading committee, participating in the discussions at the time of framing documents and
willfully concealing the facts with false allegations is nothing but a bankruptcy on the part of Kobad.
By rejecting the revolutionary politics, he has stepped into the mire of bourgeoisie idealism. He
belongs to the upper middle class family. He came into the party from the national bourgeoisie class. He
grownup in the corporate world. He studied in Doon school. He studied in Landon for some time. He was
influenced by the Naxalbari movement, and ultimately joined in the revolutionary movement. He emerged
as a one of the leading member in the Maharashtra movement. He was studied Marxism-Leninism in the
library in Landon, where Karl Marx had studied. But he failed in applying the theory to the concrete
conditions. So he argued dogmatically against dialectical materialism. It reflected in left adventurist
tendency in words and right opportunism in practice. These deviations are leading to form groups in the

party. The party is tried to rectify the Kobad through the internal struggles. But he was not come out of the
wrong deviations. When the ruling classes intensified the repression with the formation of CPI(Maoist),
and ultimately after his arrest these wrong deviations reflected in his writings. Every person, to rectify
himself, should have to participate directly in the class struggle, peoples war and studying the concrete
conditions. Through this method the dogmatic wrong tendencies of subjective thinking should be
transformed. Mr.Kobad gave least importance to this, in his four decades revolutionary life. He is an
introvert as he was said. He did not show interest in discussions with other comrades and not tried to
enrich the practical knowledge. He didn’t transform his revolutionary life in accordance with the
proletarian ideology. He could not analyze the difficulties and setbacks that bound to in the revolutionary
movement in the long history of the movement. He came into the pessimism and estimating the party
mistakes in a one sided way and getting irritate etc. In this way, so many times these tendencies reflected
in his revolutionary life as these are the reflections of petty bourgeoisie false prestige. Lastly, he himself
made scapegoat for this wrong tendency and became the opponent of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.
In this way, in prison life and after his release here turned back to corporate world. After 40 years,
he went back to the rotten semi feudal-semi colonial system of society. He is saying that this ‘return’ is a
great happening. He felt suffered in the revolutionary movement because there is no creativity as he
described. He is telling proudly that the corporate world will give dynamism to his thoughts. So it is true
that a stone that fell from a top of a hill can travel to the lowest point of distance. The opinions brought
forth by Kobad are not new. Mr.Kobad Joined with those Marxists like Bernstein and Dangay that were
agreeing marxism in words and opposing main principles of Marxism in deeds. So the central committee is
expelling Kobad Ghandy from the party according to the party constitution for his anti party activities of
reviving MLM, false propaganda against party, combining his voice with the ruling classes, promoting class
collaborationist theory instead of class struggle, seriously violating the party discipline and became
mystical preacher.
Dear people,
We are appealing to the revolutionary people, sympathizers, democrats and intellectuals condemn
and refute the anti revolutionary opportunistic and ruling class ideology of Kobad Ghandy. We are
appealing to the file and rank of the party expose and refute the Kobad Ghandy’s propositions and theories
that merged with the ruling class ideology who lost the revolutionary spirit. Kobad is not the first person
who returns back to rotten system with selfish ends. In previous occasions also, the revolutionary
movements advanced by overcoming these hindrances. Our party, in the working class leadership by
organizing the people with an aim to establish communist society will advance step by step to the final
Note: We will soon release an answer to the Kobad’s ‘fractured freedom a jail memoir’.

Central Committee

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