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24th november internationalist - Switzerland - report of activity


 The following is a report about activities carried out in Switzerland for the international action day in support of the Indian revolution. It has been sent to the Communist Party of India (Maoist) through the International Committee to Support the People’s War in India, its Italian section, the Galician Committee to Support the People’s War in India, as well as other channels. We hope that it will strengthen the morale of all those fighting in India, just as the people’s war in India constantly strengthens our morale.

Answering the call of the Spokesperson of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) to „Make Successful the International Action Day on November 24th in Opposing the Prahaar Military Campaign Operated by the Fascist Modi Government!“1, socialist revolutionaries in Switzerland have carried out several activities in the days leading up to the 24th of November — the 10th anniversary of the martyrdom of Comrade Kishenji, a leader of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) — activities which we hereby document for publication by the international committees supporting the people‘s war in India as well as for circulation in the ranks of the Indian comrades and colleagues, serving to boost their fighting morale.

Living in a country of three nations, with a high proportion of proletarian migrants and which is the center of imperialist international diplomacy, we, the socialist revolutionaries of Switzerland take proletarian internationalism as the starting point of all of our actions. All of our work serves to develop the socialist revolution in this country — which is naturally a part of and serves the international working class revolution – with our goal being a red Switzerland, a socialist council republic, as a red barricade and base area for the world revolution and as an ideological-political battlefield for communism. We consider that the people‘s war in India, being the most advanced in the world and one among the three people‘s wars currently being waged in the world (aside from on the Philippines and in Burma2), shows that Asia is indeed the weakest link in the imperialist chain today, that in India the chain is breaking and a new world is being born, and that to support and learn from the Indian revolution is a major task for all communists and revolutionaries in the world today.

Grasping the key role of the people‘s war in India today, the 1st Plenum of the Provisional Central Committee of the Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction) — the faction which is working to rebuild and refound the Communist Party of Switzerland as a marxist-leninist-maoist, militarized and bolshevized communist party of a fighting type for the class war for socialist revolution in Switzerland — has adopted a resolution titled: „Long Live the Indian Revolution!“3, from which we quote the following passage:

Imperialism is, and continues to be, the eve of the proletarian revolution. Slowly but surely though, even if it may seem to some that we are destined to die in the dark of night of imperialism, a red sun is rising in the East, in India, that guides us towards humanities bright future. The working class, the masses and the peoples of the world will defeat imperialism, and make the worldwide strategic offensive of the international working class revolution a reality. Today, we can clearly see that this goal, that so many have already sacrificed their life and freedom for, can only be achieved through people‘s war, the revolutionary strategy which will also be used to defend the revolution, the socialist system, once it reigns victorious. And the struggle for communism will not stop there, because socialism is not a consolidated system, but a transitional phase from class to classless society, a revolutionary process of socialist construction and uninterrupted proletarian cultural revolution. Our demands are quite simple: all we want is the Earth. An Earth without classes, without patriarchy, with no exploitation of human by human. All we want is communism. And we know that the Swiss and Indian communist stand on the same side of the barricade in this fight. To have comrades like this is an honor to us.

The people‘s war in India is the most decisive battle for the liberation of the working class and the liberation of all of humanity being waged today. The red flag flying over countless revolutionary people‘s committees all over India is not merely the flag of the Indian working class, the Indian masses or the Indian people. No, it is our red flag as well. The flag of the international working class, the flag of communism.“

Now to some of the activities carried out.

On the evening of Sunday the 21st of November, 2021, the Communist Youth League of Switzerland (Refounding Committee)4 and the anti-fascist neighborhood initiative Fight Back! convened a clandestine mass meeting in a worker‘s and poor neighbourhood on the outskirts of a major Swiss city. There was a buffet of Indian food, which people could pay whatever they wanted/could for. Mobilization was done through a leaflet explaining the situation unfolding in India, which was distributed through a broad network of people in less than a week, and included the instructions to give the leaflets to other trustworthy people who want societal change once people are done reading. The method of mobilization utilized was a complete success, and allowed the spread of a good number of leaflets both within large workplaces and worker‘s and poor neighbourhoods, and put the people‘s war in India on the agenda in the hearts and minds of many young proletarians and semi-proletarians. Besides the masses mobilized to the convened meeting, others, who could not attend due to mostly long work hours, were mobilized for different actions and activities, or asked to join communist study groups. All the masses present at the meeting — who ranged from being democrats to progressives up to being socialist revolutionaries — belonged either to the proletariat or the semi-proletariat, and most had never attended a revolutionary mass meeting before, or were generally new to revolutionary politics.

A short presentation was held, denouncing the exploitation and misery of the old India and the perspective of a new India, as well as the Prahaar-3 „encirclement and annihilation“ campaign, which is not a social programme but a genocidal campaign. One of the masses present stated that he learned more in that short presentation — not just about India — than he ever did in 10 years of the capitalist school system. This presentation has been reworked as a document by the Communist Youth League and is reproduced as an appendix to this report.

Afterwards, a short documentary film, India‘s Red Tide5, was shown and discussed. The film made a tremendous impact on the people present, and led to a very productive discussion about not just the necessity, but also the strategy and tactics of revolutionary war.

There was also a lot of exchange and ranting about exploitation at the workplace and everyone‘s different exploitative bosses. Besides that, the need of reading communist theory was discussed, which led to an entirely new study group being founded with the masses present.

The progressive masses especially emphasized that we need an organization like the Communist Party of India (Maoist) here as well. This was deepened by revolutionaries, who explained that such a Party used to exist here as well, but that it was liquidated by opportunists and lying politicians. The history of the Communist Party of Switzerland was briefly explained, and the conversation then led into the importance of refounding such a Party already now so that the Swiss working class will be ready for the challenges to come, brought about by climate change, imperialist reindustrialization and imperialist war of aggression in the coming decade.

At the end of the mass meeting, a member of the revolutionary rap collective Yenan performed a number of new songs, one of which celebrated the great advances of the people‘s war in India. This song — Lal Salaam — has now been released as a single from Yenan‘s upcoming E.P.6

Besides the leaflet that was spread, there was also several posters produced or reproduced by different organizations. One of them was a poster produced by our website for the 1st of May with the slogan „Support the People’s War in India!“. Both the Communist Youth League (Refounding Committee) and Fight Back! also printed posters, the former in support of the people‘s war in India, the latter calling for freedom of the revolutionary and anti-fascist prisoner G. N. Saibaba. We publish files of the posters here, that have been sent to us by the colleagues.

At an unspecified date, time and location, an armed agitation and propaganda action was executed. gathered around an Irish bonfire — a more than three meter tall structure built from various flammable materials, such as wood, „decorated“ with the flags of the imperialist superpowers (the U.S., Russia and China) and of Swiss imperialism, as well as the faces of the Indian fascist politicians Narendra Modi, Amit Shaw and Mohan Bhagwat — which was burned, showing the masses‘ indignation against the genocidal Prahaar-3 „encirclement and annihilation“ campaign, which is bound to fail, just as Operation Green Hunt did. Thus, the call to „burn the effigies of Modi, Amit Shaw and Bhagwat and expose their repressive plan“ by the Indian comrades was fulfilled. This action had a military character, which clearly shows how the support for the people‘s wars abroad is helping to strengthen and militarize the revolutionary movement in Switzerland itself. Different slogans were shouted in Swiss-German during the action, and the masses who were participating were encouraged by an agitator to join in. The slogans include:

  • The attacks of the State won‘t lead anywhere! Support the people‘s war in India!
  • Against their genocide, resistance everywhere!
  • Resistance means class struggle! Lal salaam, lal salaam!
  • Long live international solidarity!

Additionally, the agitator shouted the names of different imperialist and fascist politicians, to which the colleagues present answered with „class enemy!“ after every name was called.

Finally, our Editorial Board wishes to extend our warmest revolutionary, internationalist greetings to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), its Spokesperson Comrade Abhay and its General Secretary Comrade Basavraj, to all the directors, cadres and militants of the Party, to the commanders and fighters of the People‘s Liberation Guerrilla Army, to all the masses of people who are living in the revolutionary people‘s committees of Dandakaranya, Bihaar and Jharkand today, and to all the colleagues in other countries who are carrying out actions to support the people‘s war in India. The Indian people will inevitably triumph and the red sun will shine over all of India.



Switzerland, 24.11.2021

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