Friday, November 26, 2021

India - CC PCI (Maoist) - Condemn seriously the arrest of Comrade Kisan - info ICSPWI


Central Committee

Press Release

16 November 2021

Condemn seriously the arrest of Comrade Kisan da (Prashanth Bose) Political Bureau Member, ERB in-charge and Sheela Marandi a CC Member!

Demand immediate release and arrange better treatment!

Our Central Committee seriously condemning arrest of Com.Kisan da (Prashanth Bose) and Sheela Marandi, a CC member on November 11 in Saraikela town of Jharkhand. Com Kisan da at the age of 76, Was arrested when he taking treatement for prostrate, diabetes. eye problems etc.

These arrests Were in the part of the barbarious genocidal 'Samadhan-Prahar' military campaigns with an aim to transform the India into Brahmanicai Hindutva fascist by suppressing Indian revolutionary movement. Our Comrades have been arrested by the cruel intelligence wings extended jn the part of this genocidal Prahar Campaign. Com.Kisan da and Sheeia Marandj were joined in the Indian revolution and became life partners and stood firm in the Ongoing revolutionary movement that is fighting against imperialists, Comprador bureaucratic bourgeois and feudal class exploitation and oppression. They organized different sections of people like Dalit, Adivasi, Peasants, Workers Women and Minorities into the movement and solving their problems.

İn 1966-67 Comrade Kisan da in his student days at the time of Naxaibari upsurge he joined revolutionary movement. He led the working class movement in Kolkata. He went to Assam to build the movement when he was In Dakshin Desh. After some time he took the responsibility in Bihar and Jharkhand and continued up to his arrest. At that time he became general secretary of MCCI, He continued in that responsibility until CPI(Maoist) formation. He was a dedicated and hard working cadre and leader. He held the high banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the red banner of proletarian internationalism. He played key role in so many occasions.

Comrade Sheela dee was born in a Poor adivasi Familv. She joined the revolution and developed into a CC member step by step. She played key role in the women movement in Jharkhand. She was in jail from 2006-2015.

In previous occasion the government conspired and killed the Comrade Varun da (Sushil Roy) a Political bureau member kept him in jail without proper treatment until his demise. Now the government is also will keep these comrades without proper treatment in jail, because, the Brahamanical Hindutva fascist forces are nakedly serving the imperialism and unleashing the terror on people, revolutionary movement, Intellectuals, Democrats and all sections of people. So we are appealing People. Nationalities, Working class Trade unions, progressive forces. patriots and human rights organizations of India and abroad to rise your Voice against this brutal inhumanity. Demand better treatment with the supervision of specialist doctors and arrange all facilities as political prisoners. Comrade Kisan da and Sheeia de should be released on age and health grounds. With the help of their family and friends they will attend to the court.


Spokesperson Central Committee



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