Thursday, November 11, 2021

Tunisia - demostrations and clash in Agareb (Sfax) - maximum solidarity with tunisian people!

Agareb (Sfax) one dead and several injured in clashes between demonstrators over the reopening of a waste dump and police, a National Guard station set on fire.

Violent clashes have continued for two days after the decision to reopen an open air waste dump in the small village of Agareb a few kilometers away from the second city of the country, Sfax, from which tons of waste come.

The people of Agareb had won the battle for their health weeks ago to close this waste dump near their village and when its reopening was announced they organized roadblocks and confronted the police forces who fired large quantities of tear gas both yesterday and today causing the death by intoxication of a young 35-year-old demonstrator, Abderrazak Al-Ashahab, and the hospitalization of many others including women and children.

The decision to reopen the waste dump was taken following the controversy arising from the fact that, having not found an alternative solution for waste disposal, the city of Sfax for over 40 days has become unlivable as the municipal garbage collectors service has been suspended. .

The problem of waste disposal in Tunisia is very serious since the state has not been equipped with methods that do not negatively impact populations and the environment: most of the waste is in fact simply discharged in landfills in rural areas and close to small urban centers or simply buried.

The demonstrators also denounce the usual old methods of police repression in full continuity with the old regimes and which continue in this phase of state of exception in which the president of the republic Kais Saied after 25 July has assumed full powers and has only recently been He was joined by a new government whose prime minister he has appointed and which he supports by presiding over the councils of ministers.

Following the death of the young Abderrazak, the demonstrators forced the national guard of instance in the village of Agareb to retreat by setting fire to the police station, consequently some military vehicles were sent to garrison the public buildings of the village.


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