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India - CC PCI (Maoist) - Intensify and extend the peasant movement upto abolition of those acts! - Info ICSPWI


Central Committee

Press Release

November 15 2021

Intensify and extend the peasant movement upto abolition of those acts!

Show solidarity to the peasant movement through gatherings, demonstrations on November 25-26!

The Historical peasant movement has been continuing for one year against 3 farming laws that brought by the fascist BJP government. On June 15th, 2020, the Brahmanical Hindutva fascist Modi government had brought three anti farming ordinances. On November 26th and 27th, the peasantry of Panjab and Haryana took the Programme of 'go to Delhi' in opposing anti farming laws which were enacted in September parliamentary session in an undemocratic way. This incident was a milestone in the peasant movement. The government surrounded Delhi with security forces in March 2021 due to which the peasantry camped on Singhu, Tikri and Ghajipur roads and continuing the agitation. More than 500 peasant organizations organized under the leadership of united peasant front and advancing the movement with courageously facing severe repression.

The government resorted to so many conspiracies to root out the movement. In this process 11 rounds of talks took place. The government did not consider the main demand of abolition of the laws. In addition to that, it did not give assurance on minimum support price and ordered to shut down the Mundis. Some puppet peasant organizations openly supported the faming laws which were sponsored by the Modi government. The Corporate media is continuously propagating in support of the farming laws and try to defame the peasant movement. The government is threatening the peasant movement by telling that there are turban Naxals and hijacking the movement by Maoists whenever they show solidarity with Bhima koregaon. Bhima koregaon movement is a democratic movement. There is no wrong in giving support to each other.

The government deployed police forces with three layer barricades on the roads where the peasantry is camped. The BJP gangs attacked on peasantry with the help of police. They try to start clashes between Hindu and Muslim. So many times police resorted to cane charged and used tear gas. The NIA filed cases on the leadership of the movement. In Uttarpradesh and Panjab, the BJP MLA's with the help of these gangs are attacking the peasantry. The video has been released with having the police SP in the direction of a BJP Minister is ordering to cane charge upon famers. In Punjab and Haryana, arresting the peasantry and beating with sticks has become a routine.

In Lakhimpur Kheri of Uttarpradesh Ashish Misra, the son of Central Minister Ajay Misra raided his car upon struggling four peasants and killed them. They fired upon four peasants and killed them. One Journalist was killed in these clashes. Openly supporting to the genocide, the Central and state governments are trying to save the culprits and not listening to the demand of Central Minister's resignation.

On the other side, the Supreme Court on the advice of the government formed a committee to solve the peasant problem. Joint peasant front Boycotted this committee as there is no peasant representatives for the salvation of this problem. Some people filed a petition in the court. Prior to give a decision on writ petition, the Supreme court gave a warning to peasants. The court raised a question in favour of the government. By doing obstructions on the roads, what is the necessity of coming to the court? The court asked the peasantry to stop the movement so as to give safe passage to the people on roads. By this declaration, it has been proved that the court is also in the part of repressive state machinery. So in this way, the government, Judiciary and the media are trying to use conspiracies to suppress the peasant movement.

Confronting with the conspiracies and repressive methods of the governments the peasant movement has extended from North India to Central, Southern and Eastern parts of India. The propaganda that the peasant movement is pertained to Punjab, Haryana and Western Uttarpradesh has proved to be a false. The movement is strengthened with the participation of women. They are using Maha Panchayaths for mobilizing people, sending messages and enhancing fighting spirit in the people. The struggle is continuing in the form of surrounding BJP MLA's, demonstrations on roads, blockades etc. The peasantry performed a militant demonstrations in Delhi on the occasion of 2021, January 26th (Republic day). At the time of parliamentary session in July, at Jantar-mantar, the peasantry performed a peasant parliament and proclaimed the Man ki bath (people voice). The peasantry is drawing all sections of people towards the movement like poor peasantry and agricultural labor. In Uttarpradesh the unity between Hindu and Muslim has become stronger and BKU became strengthened. Trade unions and small business people are giving support to this movement. Students and Youth in several places are supporting for peasant demands on September 27th. The countrywide blockade has become a success. On that day, In addition to the peasant demands, voices raised against the cruel labor laws which are to be used against working class. Through this the unity between working class and peasantry has become stronger.

The imperialism is in neck deep crisis, trying to take over the Indian agriculture sector by introducing these farming laws to intensify the agricultural loot. Indian Comprador Capitalists like Ambani and Adani are working as a vehicle for the imperialists. The Modi government is serving the imperialists and implementing fascism on the people. By using brute majority in parliament, they brought these farming laws. The imperialists are trying seriously to take over full control on Indian agriculture since 1990 when the Neoliberal economic policies started in India which is a part of Globalization. In the recently held COP-26 summit Narendra Modi government signed in a imperialist directed MOU on 'stable agricultural action plan'. The Modi government is gave away 100 public sector units cheaply to the corporate companies by disinvesting government capital in those units. The Navaratnas have been kept in the pocket of imperialists. The loot has been increased upon working class by enacting labor laws into four codes. The fascist repressive methods are being implemented in the tribal areas of this country to loot the mineral wealth of indigenous people. The Modi government is constructing police camps and extending carpet security in the tribal belts to suppress the ongoing movement demanding water-forest-land-self respect and political power to indigenous people. The fascist Modi government is targeting Maoist party and the struggling people.

Besides the ongoing peasant movement, the indigenous people of the country militantly fighting against the police camps, inwhich, the Silger movement against police camps in Chattisgarh is in fore front in India. Tide of the movements of peasantry, working class and Adivasies are in rise. The unity between these struggles should be strengthened.

United Kisan front gave an ultimatum to the government to dissolve these farming laws within November 26th. They declared that the government would not respond, the peasantry should forward to the parliament on 29th at the winter session.

Dear people,

Our party is appealing to the people do rallies in villages, towns in support of peasant movement on November 26th. We are appealing Working class, Students, Youth, Women, Democrats, Journalists, Intellectuals, Artists and Patriots. We are appealing to people of this country continue the agitation and unite with the peasantry against the Brahmanical Hindutva fascist BJP government until the abolition of farming laws. In the same way we are appealing the peasant organizations advance the movement in militant way.

We also supported the November 24th International action day call given by international committee in protest against prahar-3 that to root out the revolutionary movement led by CPI(Maoist). So, we are appealing to the people make protests and demonstrations on November 24th, 25th and 26th.

Abhay Spokesperson Central Committee




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