Saturday, March 28, 2015


Islamophobia is not imaginary. It is waged in the media, and a veritable witch hunt is underway against the Muslim community.
On social networks and public forums, we hear countless accusations, racist shortcuts (veil / Muslim = terrorist), and incitements to hatred. A judge even refused to hear the case of a woman because she was wearing a veil.
In this fertile ground for Islamophobic and racist ideas, a small group in Québec decided to take up the banner of PEGIDA, borrowed from a right-wing organization in Europe. PEGIDA sows fear of “the other,” intolerance and lies, claiming that Europe is undergoing a process of “Islamisation” and should halt Muslim immigration. The new “PEGIDA Quebec” plans to hold its first event as it takes up this hate speech.
Islamophobia is on the rise whipped along by state racism expressed without reserve in Canadian parliament, and the fear campaigns used to justify rolling back rights and freedoms for alleged security reasons.
These fear campaigns divide workers, students, families. Meanwhile, they prevent us from uniting against the real enemies, those who cut jobs, who are pocketing profits… and leaves a free course to the government and its famous austerity agenda.
Whether we are atheists, Christians, Jews or Muslims, we must defend the right of others to express their ideas and practice their faith, even if we do not agree! And racialized immigrant women and their families, political activists, communists, anarchists and others will also be targeted by the state and these laws!
Let us rise up loud and strong to defend the Muslim community and particularly Muslim women against sexist Islamophobia and hate attacks. Back during the debates surrounding the “Charter of Values” in 2013, out of 117 cases of violence against people of the Muslim faith, 114 were against women. Women who wear the veil are an easy target for these hate mongers. We must not tolerate insults, contempt and attacks against our Muslim sisters!
Don’t miss this opportunity rise to the defense of our sisters and their families against harassment by the state, by xenophobes, media and police! No tolerance for Islamophobia! Refuse hate! Defend our Muslim sisters and brothers!
Come out in numbers to show our solidarity with the Muslim community against this right-wing speech. Join the rally to condemn the Islamophobic PEGIDA event, scheduled for March 28th.
Meeting point: 3:30pm Pie-IX and Bélair corner (south of Jean-Talon)
Proletarian Feminist Front (PFF) – Muslim Women Activists – Women of Diverse Origins Collective (FDO-WDO) – Anti-Fascist Action Montreal – Revolutionary Student Movement (MER-RSM) – Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada)
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