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Siraj Sikder Works: The anti-Lin Piao anti-Confucius great struggle of the Chinese Communist Party (September 1974)

Siraj Sikder Works

The anti-Lin Piao anti-Confucius great struggle of the Chinese Communist Party

(September 1974)

The Chinese Communist party led by Chairman Mao Tsetung is waging anti-Lin Piao anti-Confucius great struggle. Huge workers-peasants-soldiers and revolutionary intellectuals are taking part in that struggle.
The anti-Lin Piao anti Confucius struggle played big role in repulsing the conspiracy of capturing power of China by the revisionist and capitalist roaders, restoration of capitalism in Socialist China by them, establishing bourgeoisie dictatorship via overthrow of proletarian dictatorship and transforming China into plundering field of Social Imperialism and Imperialism.
One of the reactionary, fraud, saboteur, clique, traitor and double dealer in Chinese history Lin Piao took Confucianism as ideological weapon of capturing power and restoring capitalism by him.
In the history of the Chinese Communist Party, Wang Ming-Liu Chao Chi etc renegade traitors also had taken Confucianism to oppose Marxism-Leninism.
The double dealer fraud Lin Piao would never talk without chanting Long Live Mao Tsetung and would never go outside without quotation in hand. He followed the blind path of Wang Ming-Liu Chao Chi.
In class society, either Marxist ideology or reactionary ideology has to be taken. There is no middle way.
This is why we see in history of Communist Movement, the revisionist Bernstein, Kautsky, Khrushchev, Togliatti, Brezhnev took bourgeoisie ideology in the name of Marxism and are opposing Marxism by that.
Lin Piao, in order to oppose Marxism, like the revisionist reactionaries of China and world, took Chinese reactionary ideology Confucianism.
This is why the anti Lin Piao struggle is connected with the anti-reactionary ideology of Lin Piao—the Confucianism. If that ideological struggle is deducted, the anti-Lin Piao struggle will remain incomplete and the soul of that struggle will be deducted.
This is the reason why anti Confucian struggle has been added to anti-Lin Piao struggle in China.
Confucius was alive about two thousand years before. Chinese society was going through huge change during that time. Slave society in China was breaking down and feudalist society was being established.
Confucius propagated on behalf of restoration of slave society and opposed the then progressive social system—feudalism.
He tried to restore slave society via restoring ritual, the eliminated lineage and post.
Of course, Confucius failed to resist the motion of society. Feudalist social system was established in China. When progressive role of the owner of the feudalist social system ended, they took Confucianism to sustain feudalism and suppress peasants.
During the time of infiltration of capitalism in China, the imperialism and its collaborator the bureaucratic capitalists took Confucianism to suppress people of China.
The class basis of Lin Piao was bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism. He was not free from that ideology too.
In order to oppose Marxism, Socialism and Communism, he too took this reactionary ideology and existed inside party as a hidden traitor and waited for an opportune time to seize party and state power.
Lin Piao, by putting forward the reactionary ‘Restrain and restore ritual’ theory of Confucius, conspired to capture power in the second meeting of the Ninth Central Committee. He said, as there is state now, so there must be President. That means he tried to be president of China.
It is practice that makes genius. Lin piao denied historical material truth that not individual but people alone is the fundamental motive force of social development; he propagated Confucian idealist theory of inborn genius, individual is the reason behind social change etc and put forward himself and his family as genius great men. Thus, he conspired to create public opinion in favor of seizure of power and establish Lin dynasty.
Lin used to think that the workers, peasants and masses will only think about rice and bread while intellectuals will be bossing over them. He marked the great process of intellectuals’ going to village and their transformation into proletarians via their merger with workers and peasants as (..Script unclear—Sarbaharapath) and opposed that.
Lin Piao, by copying the centrist theory of Confucius, during the cultural revolution opposed it by saying that it had left deviation.
Chairman Mao said, ‘If you want to correct an error, you have to cross the general borderline’. It is not permissible to adopt centrism in struggle against reactionaries. We must firmly be on the side of workers, peasants, and masses and strictly carry dictatorship over reactionaries.
Lin Piao used to propagate Confucian theory of charity and obedience. He used to say about charity but on the other side he used to hate proletariat and its great leader chairman Mao. By making ‘Outline of the Project 571’, he conspired to kill Chairman Mao. His charity was for reactionary, feudal, bureaucratic bourgeoisie, social imperialists and imperialists.
The obedience theory of Lin Piao was the theory of obedience to Lin and is dynasty, obedience to Chinese reactionaries, obedience of women and children to their husband-parents and clan, not obedience to proletarian class, Chairman Mao, people and Marxism.
The aim of all the theory of Lin Piao was to sustain power of revisionist bourgeoisie reactionaries, capture of power by them, take shelter on the lap of the Soviet revisionists and make China a Soviet colony.
The struggle against Lin Piao and Confucius and his apprentice Mensus is a great struggle against the reactionary revisionist ideology of the superstructure of China. By that struggle, public opinion will be created on behalf of overthrow of the seizure of the parts of superstructure by the revisionist bourgeoisie and they will be overthrown. It will strengthen proletarian dictatorship. This struggle will make ideological development of people. They will be armed with advance thinking of proletariat. By being material fore, it will accelerate the transformation of society and world. So, it will increase production in China and hasten the development of productive force.
The struggle against Lin Piao and Confucius is very much significant for South East Asia and world. Confucius has influence in Korea, Vietnam etc countries. This struggle of China will help eliminating that influence.
This is a great victory in anti-modern revisionism struggle of the world. This struggle has smashed the colorful dream of Soviet Social Imperialism led modern revisionists and US led imperialists and reactionaries to restore capitalism in China and carry exploitation and plunder.
This is great victory of world revolution.
This great struggle of China will work as an example in East Bengal in resisting capture of power by different forms of revisionism and unchanged bourgeoisie representatives inside party.

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