Tuesday, March 31, 2015

India Condemn the Police Brutality

images(We are frequently receiving the news of Police brutality done in the prison houses of India. Two days ago, we had gone through a report regarding the murderous assault on Comrade Vivek, a CPI (Maoist) prisoner in Madurai. As the report says: ‘Suddenly the OCT (a special team) with around 8-10 members swooped upon him from behind and attacked him with a terrible blow on his backhead and neck. Due to this sudden attack Vivek fell down on the ground and the OCT with booted legs kicked on his chest and booted on his face , on his cheek just below forehead for about five minutes. He was going unconscious and breath difficult’.
Now we have another report of police brutality regarding the case of Hem Mishra. Hem Mishra is the student of JNU, Delhi and a people’s cultural activist. We Nepalese intellectuals condemn the torture and terror on the political prisoners and demand immediate release of Proff Saibaba, Hem Mishra and human right activists Jaison, Nirmal and other intellectuals. Here is the press note from the Nagpur prison house. Thanks signalfire.org for this press note.
Prss note
Police beat on prisoners on prison premises
The case of political prisoner JNU student Hem Mishra
The Nagpur police abused and beat up Hem Keshavdutt Mishra, student of Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University and Political Prisoner presently lodged in Nagpur Central Prison over the issue of applying handcuffs. They attacked him cruelly and injured him. This illegal and inhuman act of the police occurred just outside the prison gate within the prison premises on 20-03-2015 at around 10-00 a.m. when Hem Mishra was being taken for medical treatment to the Government Medical Hospital.
The Supreme Court has long ago ordered that handcuffs should not be applied and ropes should not be tied to prisoners being taken from prison to court or hospital. This provision has also been incorporated in the Criminal Manual and the Jail Manual. Besides, the Assistant Inspector General of Police (Law and Order), Office of the Director General of Police has also issued a circular in this regard. As per this, the police have been given clear orders not to apply handcuffs or tie ropes to prisoners being taken from the prison to the court or hospital. In case, in an exceptional circumstance, there is a need to apply handcuffs or tie ropes then it is necessary to take the permission of the concerned court.
But the Maharashtra police are openly violating the orders of the Supreme Court. On 20-03-2015, when undertrial prisoner Hem Mishra was being taken to the Government Medical Hospital for medical treatment he informed the police of these orders of the Supreme Court. But the police without bothering tried to forcibly apply handcuffs. When he again tried to explain to them, the police abused him and beat him up. Further, they cruelly attacked him and injured him.
They tore his clothes and also threatened to “see” him. These acts of the police are unconstitutional and illegal. They are also a violation of the orders of the Supreme Court. The victim has therefore sent a complaint to the Dhantoli Police Station through the Prison Superintendent calling for registration of an offence against the concerned guilty persons in this case and for their arrest. A complaint regarding this incident has also been made to the concerned court, the Principal Judge, Gadchiroli Sessions Court. Hem Mishra, G.N. Saibaba, Maroti Kurvatkar, have vide Press Release demanded that strict action should be taken against the guilty in this case.
Date: 22-03-2015
Yours faithfully,
1) Hem Mishra -sd-
2) Maroti Kurvatkar -sd-
3) G. N. Saibaba -sd-

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