Sunday, March 29, 2015

Manipur for maist prisoners in Morocco

 Maoist Communist Party Manipur has been advancing to perform its duties and obligations of National responsibility of the New Democratic Revolution i.e. National and Class Liberation Movement of Manipur. The party is also performing its duty of Proletarian Internationalism as an international contingent of the World Socialist Revolution. In the first place, Manipur Maoist had shown solidarity to Communist Party of the Philippines which is advancing ahead in the international communist movement by distributing leaflets, holding conference, showing videos on the 8th March, 2015. In the second place, Manipur Maoist has shown solidarity by fasting on the 26th March, 2015 in support to the indefinite fasting initiated by many Maoist leaders of Morocco from the 23rd March, 2015 for the right of political prisoners inside the prison. The members of Central Committee of Manipur Maoist including its Political cadres fasted on the day revealing that they are standing for the comrades of Morocco. Besides, the military wing of the party fasted for a meal on the same day without stopping their national duties assigned for the party, showing solidarity to the comrades of Morocco. The protest through fasting as solidarity was a great herald to the revolution of Manipur and most importantly the freedom fighters who are in the prison as political captives in particular. In the revolt of freedom struggle it will be a right step to bring the Revolution Movement persistently ahead even when and where they are in the prison. Prison is neither a resting place nor sylvan-retreat for the revolutionaries. The spot itself is a battlefield. It is our duty to turn this battlefield into a political battlefield in a right direction. There is no single revolutionary of Manipur Maoist who has been imprisoned in the cell of enemy till today. Those who were claimed to be arrested are not related with the party even in the least except two sympathizer and a couple who gave shelter to some of the militia of the party. Therefore, each and every courageous member who is taking part in the National Liberation Movement of Manipur is appealed to consider and understand the movement of Political prisoner inevitably. The demand made by the comrades of Morocco in prison is much rational and reasonable. "Free Political Prisoners" is a movement as whole for the globe. The inability of this slogan to reach Manipur should be avoided further and this gap should be filled up in no time. Manipur Maoist is extending its message for the cause to each and every relevant individuals and organizations of Manipur. Let's uplift and develop the revolutionary by endeavoring to make every sort of tactics as a battle of all of us. Maoist Communist Party Manipur (Manipur Maoist) is wishing for the advancement and growth of Revolutionary Movement led by Maoist of Morocco. Manipur Maoist shows its sincere, true and heartfelt support to the Revolutionary Movement led by Morocco Maoist

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