Monday, March 30, 2015

India - MODI's Regime murder!

     Murderous assault on CPI (Maoist) prisoner Vivek-Tamil Nadu

“”Life behind the walls of prison is not the same as the normal social life outside. This does not compare with one another. Although living in a single dwelling room and life in poverty, enjoying the free air with full freedom gives great strength to withstand all the social evils with great hopes for future. But within the prison walls , life in incarceration, no person, no human being could accept this life. It is a life of a destitute, stripped off all dignities and a life of no choice and despair- a slavery or servitude.
Every person who enters inside, if he fails to accept the fact that he is stripped off all that he owned, he would simply be crushed. That also, for a person like me who lived a life for revolution, fighting against the social oppressions and emancipation of mankind, presently imprisoned for the same and removed from that active life now, living amongst the people who live a simple life, spending months together with such simplest people, their simple expectations, the events that make them twist and squirm, their respect for me and my life outside for social change, their recognition of the same even when they are not in a position to struggle against the subduing modes, my struggle for their rights, long duration of prison life and some balanced relations with the prison official and wardens, thus trying to get accustomed to this prison life….. a sudden jolt on my face reminds me that “ this social system is intolerable, that the struggle between the haves and have nots, between the able and able not, against the oppressor and struggle alone is in the forefront of everyman and that this struggle is inevitable”. Every move of the jail authorities and the rustlings of the leaves of prison’s trees warn every now and then that “ You are not equal to the rulers and the bureaucrats. You are enslaved prisoners” ”. ——-Vivek, CPI(Maoist)
He is under trial for the last 3 years. He has been put up in Madurai prison after initially remanding in Cuddalore for an year. His case is under trial court and the trial is proceeding for the last two years at Periakulam about 80 Kms from Madurai. On 14/3/2015, Advocate Raja, visited Vivek in prison. After the discussion with the advocate at about 12.30 noon, in the presence of the jail officials, when Vivek was returning to his cell, the OCT team tried to behave in undignified manner to check his under wares. Vivek protested on this and did not heed to this procedure for check up. OCT special team, which has been put in the prison, to monitor the activity of him, shouted at him in foul languages for not heeding to the check up and Vivek contested this.
Suddenly the OCT with around 8-10 members swooped upon him from behind and attacked him with a terrible blow on his backhead and neck. Due to this sudden attack Vivek fell down on the ground and the OCT with booted legs kicked on his chest and booted on his face , on his cheek just below forehead for about five minutes. He was going unconscious and breath difficult. One officer in charge Narayanan who tried to resolve the situation was also pushed and thrown aside by this OCT. Three police personnel 1) Manikandan 2) Murugaperumal 3)Thyagarajan along with others were involved in this murderous assault and made vicious attempt to kill at broadday light, co-jail inmates standing nearby. Immediately after the assault he had difficulty to breathe. Had heaviness in chest. Suffocation, injuries in back head and spine, excruciating pain at spine just below head, heavy pain at shoulder, swollen face..
This brutal attack on him shook the prison in mates who witnessed this as that was interview time on saturday. They were totally shaken by fear and stood aghast as this righteous person himself was being assaulted before them. Vivek was then taken to the prison hospital and he went on hungerfast protesting against this brutal attack on him and similar assault on other inmates. His cell mates and other prison mates around 100, went on solidarity hunger fast on Sunday.
His sugar level was oscillating between 52-56 and he was put on drips from the second day. Vivek continued his fast till Tuesday and after the DIG prisons visited him and gave assurance on Tuesday evening 4.30 pm, he withdrew the hungerfast as his health deteriorated and sugar level was also going below 56. The next day 18/3/2015, when Vivek attended the trial court, he gave the details of the assault in writing. The court judge was only a police personnel in judicial robe, he contended. Even though Vivek did not believe any action would come forth, still to record the events and bringforth the prevailing conditions as whole, he was just filing the petition. The trial court judge did not respond and just admitted the papers with vampire expressions.

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