Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nepal - None unifications without complete rupture with Parachanda - Unity on maoism and people's war - maoistroad

Nepal: Maoists party unification unlikely for the moment, says KC
Mani Thapa, General Secretary of Revolutionary Communist Party says that aberration observed among the Maoist parties in Nepal to strictly adhere to their Maoist ideology has threatened entire communist movement in the country. “The latest changes that have taken place in the political order of the country was successfully led the followers of Maoist ideology in the country—which was followed by aberration from the ideology which is threatening to jeopardize the entire communist movement,” he said while addressing a press meet in Kathmandu, Monday March 23, 2015 and continued, “Chairman Pushpa Kamal (Prachanda) of Unified Maoists is fully aware of this fact and accepts that urgent correction is needed to stop this trend. We have thus decided to reunite with the likeminded under the leadership of Comrade Pushpa Kamal.”

“The communists played pivotal role in ending the institution of monarchy. However, our own fault to recognize this achievement is threatening to totally derail the communist movement.” “Prachanda has accepted his fault. He has assured us of the needed correction and thus we have decided to support him,” he continued. The Unified Maoists’ Party leader Top Bahadur Rayamajhi on the other hand claimed that transformation of Nepal’s Communist leaders from a mahanayak to a Nayak (hero) and then to a khalanayak (villian) must be stopped. “This transformation must come to an end to ensure that reunification of Maoists parties becomes successful,” he claimed. On the other hand, Nepal Communist Party-Maoist Leader Hasta Bahadur KC however, ruling out any possibility of unity between the Maoist parties said, “There is great contradiction between people’s revolt undertaken by our party and capitalist revolt followed by Unified Maoists’. For the time being, the likelihood of unity remains a far cry only.”

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