Wednesday, September 26, 2018

from marx and joint international declaration May first 2018 - MAOISTROAD

...How does the bourgeoisie manage to overcome the crises? “On the one hand through the forced destruction of a great quantity of productive forces, for another with the conquest of new markets and more intense exploitation of those already existing”.
But this only prepares new and formidable crises.
But the bourgeoisie has not only created the weapons that produce death but also men who can use these weapons to put an end to their system.

Of all the classes that today are opposed to the bourgeoisie, only the proletariat constitutes a truly revolutionary class; the other classes are corrupted and perish and when they want to go back to the previous privileges they are conservative and reactionary; when they fall into the mass of the proletariat they are part of the proletarian class struggle”.

Only one way can the proletarians seize the social productive forces, which is to abolish the whole system of existing appropriation”.

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