Monday, September 17, 2018

Turkey - solidarity with Grup Yorum

Grup Yorum to Stand Trial on October 3
Saying that “They ban our folk songs to us”, Grup Yorum’s imprisoned member Sultan Gökçek has written that the trial of 10 musicians will start on October 3.

In her letter to bianet, Grup Yorum member Sultan Gökçek has called on people to attend their first hearing to be held in İstanbul Courthouse in Çağlayan.
First hearing of trial of 10 Grup Yorum members charged with “being a member of an illegal organization” will be held in 35th Heavy Penal Court on October 3, 2018.

“We call on people to protect our folk songs”

Kept in Şakran Prison, Gökçek said in her letter:
“We have been detained in various prisons for over a year. At the moment, 10 Grup Yorum members are imprisoned, warrant has been issued for six others. No one should remain silent against this unlawfulness.
“They ban our folk songs to us, they don’t let us sing our folk songs. They try to intimidate people via Grup Yorum. That’s why everyone should raise their voice for us to be released. Our first hearing will be held in October. We ask you to protect our folk songs.
“The artists who live for the people cannot be judged”.

Four members are on the “grey list”

Grup Yorum band members are on the “wanted due to terrorist activities” list on the ground that they are members of the DHKP-C. The Ministry of Interior had declared that anyone helping the members be captured would be granted 300 thousand TL.
11 members of the group consisting of 18 people are behind bars. Selma-İnan Altın and four members of the group are on the “wanted” list, and one other band member was released after being kept in prison for a while.

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