Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Internationalism mlm in action! Tunisia- Italy - Joint declaration and common action!

Joint Declaration of italian and tunisian maoists : ‘Proletarians and oppressed peoples Unite!’

The suffering of Tunisian and African immigrants to Europe has worsened. Many of them die in the sea causing more and more pain to their families as it happened with the sinking of a ship carrying 180 immigrants off the island of Karkennah in Tunisia recently. The economic crisis that shakes Tunisia contributes to this phenomenon, the comprador bourgeoisie and the large landowners oppress the people not only on their own but also on behalf of the imperialists, the Tunisian reactionary regime is unable to provide jobs to the unemployed and consequently increases the number of immigrants. Furthermore, the Tunisian regime concludes economic agreements with the imperialist powers such as France and Italy and signs political agreements such as the “fight against illegal immigration” and sells national resources, which contributes to the maintenance of imperialist domination and poverty in the country. Italian imperialism is not even able to solve the problem: on the one hand, it intervenes militarily together with other imperialist countries, causing death and poverty in some countries, such as in Iraq or, more recently, in Niger. Moreover, Italy invests its capital in Tunisia with the advantage of exploiting its skilled workers at cost 0: without paying taxes and with the right to export all profits, workers do not have union rights, so these famous foreign investments they do not contribute to reducing the unemployment rate in a country like Tunisia. For all these reasons, the flow of immigrants will continue, for this reason immigrants are treated in a fascist and racist way and there have been disappearances, protests and even suicides in the prisons and camps of immigrants. Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini considers immigrants as criminals exported from Tunisia to Italy and has threatened to prevent immigrant rescue ships from reaching Italian ports, wherever in Europe immigrants are treated as slaves that can be sold and bought in any time, or they are killed in cold blood in the Mediterranean before they reach their western shore. The Italian government, of which the Minister Salvini is the main representative, is characterized by a strong right-wing populism and by a profoundly fascist and racist nature. This mixture in a context of international economic crisis means that the government itself spreads among the masses popular feelings of hatred and xenophobia against immigrants described as “invaders” and simple criminals, rapists, terrorists and the main cause of unemployment in Italy.
The Maoist communists of Italy and the maoists of Tunisia call the proletariat and the popular masses to mobilize against Italian imperialism and the reactionary Tunisian comprador regime. They call migrants to join and fight for freedom of movement and asylum.
They greet all the forces and associations involved in assisting and receiving migrants.
Maoist Communist Party of Italy
Organization of the Communist Work (Tunisia)
Party of Elkadihin (Tunisia)
july 2018

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