Friday, April 19, 2019

maoist road and turkish/kurdish relations

maoistroad supports all marxist-leninist-maoist turkish/kurdish organisations and parties TKP/MLtendencies/MKP in their mass and militaries activities against turkish fascist regime/states, reationary regime/states in the area and all imperialism USA/European/russian/chinese;
maoistroad expresses solidarity with political prisoners turkish/kurdish of mlm parties/organisations and MLKP/DHKP/PKK and Kurdish organisations
maoistroad supports the invitation to the Joint International Conference mlm of all parties and organisations Turkish/kurdish mlm -antirevisionist/antiavakian-prachanda;
maoistroad supports bilatelar relations between parties/organisations based on maoism/people's war/proletarian revolution with turkish/kurdish mlm parties and organisations;
maoistroad invites all turkish/kurdish parties/organisations/mlm and turkish/kurdish mass organisations to join the support to people's war in India in International Committee Support People's War India - ICSPWI -
maoist road supports Atik and all mass organisations workers/women/youth in Europe

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