Sunday, April 28, 2019

maoist road info about Joint Declaration MayDay2019

Tomorrow 29 avril  - the Joint Declaration in English and Spanish must be ready.
We are examing emendments and confirming  signatures until last minute.
All emendments will be sent to all signers - also if they are not accepted, and the dabate must continue after MayDay.
It is possible that some signatures arrive after May Day for logistical and secutity reasons.

maoistroad supports all mlm parties and organisations in the world and informs about all
declarations that will issue for MD2019 and support all public and proletarian demostrations in the world

The unity in the struggle against imperialism and proletarian internationalism are
in this 2019 - 100th anniversary of 3th Communist International - the principal questions
for every true mlm party and organisation and the struggle for a Joint International mlm Conference
must be advance against opportunism and sectarian 'leftism'.

 long live Marx - long live Lenin - long live Maotse tung!

maoist road

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