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PERU - In honor of the fallen fighters of the Day of Heroism

April 13, 2019

We share an unofficial translation of a document of the Communist Party of Peru from the year 2018 on the demolition of a mausoleum erected in honor of the fallen fighters of the Day of Heroism:

The Communist Party of Peru in front of the proletariat and the peoples of the world denounces:

I. That on the 19th of July of 1986 the reactionary state, through its government on duty with Alan García Pérez, ordered the most abominable act in its counterrevolutionary war: THE GENOCIDE OF THE PRISONS OF EL FRONTÒN, LURINGANCHO AND EL CALLAO, murdering 250 unarmed political prisoners with bullets, incendiary bombs and explosives. Not satisfied with this vile act, they didn't want to give the remains back to their families and surreptitiously carried out a clandestine burial scattering the remains in multiple tombs without names, without telling anything to their relatives, but publishing in the newspapers "they have been given Christian burials" and "the burial places will be made known".

Genocidal act, genocidal order and day of genocide of 250 murdered men and women covered with 32 YEARS OF IMPUNITY.
But the struggle of the relatives has not been given up and continued demanding the return of the remains and their exhumation in order to identify them. Recently, the reactionary Peruvian state kidnapped the remains keeping them in boxes in the basements of the Public Ministry since 2003, when the Inter-American Court of Human Rights demanded the state of Peru to carry out a trial. 

The peregrination of the mothers, sons, fathers, brothers and friends lasted, in the context of the open trial, 30 years after the genocidal act until only about 20 remains of bodies were returned, to which their relatives and friends finally gave a dignified and appropiate burial, for being youths, who were imprisoned and murdered for fighting against the inequality and injustice of the capitalist order of exploitation, who were never judged or condemned, only processed.
The CPP having branded the vile genocide, saluted the heroism of the revolutionaries and ratified the DAY OF HEROISM the 19th of June of 1986. From this date onwards homage is paid to these heroes of the people and the revolution. They also paid solemn homage to the remains as little as they were.
The famlies with their poor economies legitimately bought the terrain, not in the vast and sumptuous cemeteries of the capital, but in the historic and populous village of Comas, in the outskirts of Lima, Cono Norte, last hill. They fabricated a beautiful sculpture out of piedra de Huamanga (T.N.: type of alabaster originary of Peru) 40cm in size. Thousands of sons of the people accompanied the families and not one legal asset was damaged that day. Internationally, communists, revolutionaries and real democrats moved extended their just homage to the fallen in Peru.
And as it had to be, again the reactionary Peruvian state, of the extreme right today, decided to demolish the humble, but meaningful construction and without hesitation passed a law with a name of its own through its corroded far-right Congress, even though the law proposed by the far-right supposed liberal Alberto de Belaunde and approved by the replacement of the renouncing Pedro Pablo Kuczynksi, the engineer Vizcarra, who trying to save his putrid bourgeois state that is in general crisis and fulfilling the orders and the advice of the IDB and the CIA, puts the the target of his attack on the corruption, keeping hidden the capitalist neoliberal oppression and exploitation with maneuvers like the last Referendum.
A law that modified in an express way the Law of Cemeteries to demolish in a "democratic" way the niches.
That's the bourgeois democracy, it makes the laws that can serve the interests of its group, not even class and apply the political persecution as the only option against those who question the system of capitalist exploitation and this in the year declared Year of Dialogue and Reconciliation.

With this "legal" instrument and other legalisms, arbitrariness and discriminatory measures like the non-notification, the representative of the district, submissive to the far-right state, again DESECRATED THE REMAINS AND THE TOMBS OF THE YOUNG MURDERED IN THE GENOCIDE OF THE FRONTÓN, LURIGANCHO AND EL CALLAO.
The relatives with just indignation condemn this new act of barbarism, typical of cowards, who rejoice with the bones of the ones murdered by them, looking to not leave a trace behind of the revolutionaries and of the revolution. TO NO AVAIL!

II. Today as yesterday, the Communist Party of Peru, at the same time as it denounces the prosecution of the genocidal politics of the Peruvian state, SUPPORTS with all its firmness the struggle of the families, who only want justice and respect to bury their relatives in accordance to their own customs.
It also salutes the legal struggle put forward in the Peruvian and foreign courts. And considers just the Action of Unconstitutionality taken against this Amending Law with a name of its own that denies the fundamental rights of burrying the dead.

Who killed them?! The genocidal Peruvian state!
Who will avenge them?! The party and the revolution!
Long live the heroes of the people and the revolution!
Glory to the Day of Heroism!
Long live the Peruvian revolution!

Peru, 29th of December of 2018
Communist Party of Peru

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