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SRI LANKA – Attacks are product of imperialist aggression - new epoch

On Sunday 21, more than 250 people were killed by bomb-attacks in Sri Lanka. The international bourgeois media claims the „Muslims“ wanting to kill the Christians and put it on the same level with the massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand, to underline the „hatred“ against the „Christians“ and spreading chauvinism and racism. By that the imperialists try to hide their own massacres, Genozide and oppression against the peoples of Sri Lanka.

Attacks like the one now happened in Sri Lanka and the killing of the civilian people have to be clearly denounced, but not in a way the imperialists are doing it. The oppressed and exploited see, being against attacks like this means to struggle against imperialism, which produces them. In the so called „civil war“ in Sri Lanka the foreign Imperialists, especially with the help of their lackeys in India, used the bloody method of Genocide against the Tamil peoples, who struggled for their national liberation. Even „rebel groups“ were implemented by the imperialists and their servants to irritate the people in their struggle. So the imperialists supported the most reactionary ideologies to prevent a successful national liberation struggle, produced hatred between different peoples and religions to mislead the masses.
Now the imperialists use the attacks to spread once more racism and chauvinism, use it as another reason for militarization and intervention in the oppressed nations, strengthening their role as „world police“ like US-Imperialism does. The imperialists have no right to intervene in the oppressed countries, because it means breaking the right of self-determination of the nations.

On this occasion we want to link a statement of the Communist Party of India (maoist) from 2009, the end of the so called „civil war“. In this statement the vanguard of the Indian masses shows the role of imperialism in Sri Lanka, using Genocide against the national liberation movement of the Tamil peoples. The CPI(maoist) is a role model to unite and lead the oppressed nations and the masses in their struggle against imperialism, showing the real interests of the imperialists and their lackeys in the oppressed nations. The declaration helps the antiimperialists and revolutionaries to understand better the situation in Sri Lanka, in order to grasp an antiimperialist point of view and set on the struggle.

Press Release: April 24, 2009

Condemn the genocide of the Tamil people by the Sinhala chauvinist, neo-Nazi fascist rulers of Sri Lanka! Let us unite to fight against UPA government’s support to Rajapakse’s genocidal war
on Tamil nation!!

The situation in the LTTE-controlled areas in northern Sri Lanka has become extremely delicate and
dangerous with an average of almost 500 Tamils being butchered every week by the Sinhala chauvinist army since the past three months and the number increasing with every passing day. The virtual silence by the so-called International community is criminal to say the least, and its feeble calls for a pause in the fighting, a cruel joke. In fact, it is precisely based on the active support and military aid provided by the various imperialist powers as well as by the Indian government that the racist and fascist Rajapakse government had embarked upon the current all-out brutal assault on the Tamil areas in July 2006 by unilaterally breaching the 2002 cease-fire it had entered into with the LTTE.

The brutal onslaught by the Sinhala military had resulted in acute humanitarian crisis in the Tamil
areas pushing hundreds of thousands of Tamil people into a state of starvation and misery. The incessant and indiscriminate bombing of entire areas had left thousands of civilians dead or wounded with no scope for medical treatment. These sadists have not permitted any independent observer into the conflict zone from outside, denied permission to UN and other international aid agencies and observers, even to Red Cross workers and media personnel. There has been a total news blackout. It is obvious that the fascist Sinhala rulers do not want their genocidal war and their crimes against humanity to be known to the outside world.

Even as they go about butchering, maiming and evicting tens of thousands of people, the neo-Nazi rulers are putting forth cynical claims that they are “freeing” the Tamil civilians from LTTE’s clutches, that their aim is to crush the LTTE and not to harm the ordinary Tamils, and that
declaring cease-fire would not be of any help to the civilian population and would only help the LTTE, and so on. They shamelessly describe their genocidal war as a “rescue operation” and give out figures of those “rescued”. Having gained a series of victories over the LTTE with the active aid and guidance of various imperialist powers and the Indian expansionists, these bloodthirsty hounds do not want to give any breathing space even if that meant the decimation of a significant proportion of the Tamil population in the LTTE-held areas. The Sri Lankan army has entered the no-fire zone—a small piece of territory covering around 17 sq km - and is resorting to heavy bombardment leading to huge civilian casualties.

Even those who are fleeing are shot dead by the Sinhala chauvinist soldiers in sharp contrast to thephotographs aired in TV channels showing how the Sinhala soldiers are helping the Tamil civilians. The reality is that every refugee coming out from the so-called no-fire zone is treated as an enemy, as a probable LTTE “terrorist”, and is subjected to intense interrogation and even eliminated under the slightest suspicion. Tamil women are being sterilized forcibly to check the growth in Tamil population.

Hospitals, orphanages and refugee shelters are bombed and the trucks carrying relief supplies are blocked by the Lankan army. The aim of the Sri Lankan rulers is to drive out the Tamil population from the area and herd them into concentration camps so that they do not again unite to wage war for a separate Tamil Eelam. It is with this crooked aim that they have been exerting continuous pressure through uninterrupted bombing of the areas held by LTTE.

The Indian ruling classes had always backed the Sri Lankan state in its war against the Tamil nation.
In fact, it had even sent the Indian army in the name of peacekeeping force in 1987 but had to turn back after three years when it lost a few thousand soldiers in the hands of the LTTE. The ruling Congress party even had to pay the price by losing its leader, Rajiv Gandhi. The Indian state has been giving all sorts of aid to the Sri Lankan government in crushing the LTTE. The shifting of some of the defence personnel injured in the fighting in Tamil areas to Chennai for treatment reveals the extent of involvement of India in the war aimed at the extermination of the Tamil nation in Sri Lanka.

While these are the facts, the spokespersons for the Indian government, and the various political
parties in Tamil Nadu have been claiming that they fully sympathise and stand by the Tamil people, that they support their demand for a separate Eelam, and that they are exerting pressure on the government of Sri Lanka to resolve the humanitarian crisis arising out of the war.

With an eye on the impending elections in Tamil Nadu, every political party is pretending to be
sympathetic to the cause of Tamil Eelam and putting up postures opposing the attacks by the Lankan army. All this is mere eye-wash. Parties like Jayalalitha’s AIADMK and Congress had all along been bitter opponents of the struggle of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Karunanidhi’s DMK has always pursued a dubious stand, on the one hand posing to be supporting the Tamil cause, while on the other, extending support to the UPA govt which has been assisting the Sri Lankan govt in the genocidal war against Tamils. Moreover, the DMK has crushed people’s protests against the Sri Lankan govt. All these parties wish to see the LTTE decimated as they know how strong is the influence of the Eelam struggle for self-determination on the people of Tamil Nadu. At the same time they know they would be isolated if they did not support the right of the Tamil nation in Sri Lanka for self-determination and condemn the war of genocide unleashed by Rajapakse’s Sinhala racist regime in Sri Lanka.

The CC, CPI(Maoist), calls upon the people of India to wage a united struggle demanding immediate halt to the aid given by the Indian government to the Sri Lanka rulers, to sever all diplomatic relations by India with the Sri Lankan government if it does not stop its war of genocide immediately, and to allow all the refugees from the war-ravaged areas into Tamil Nadu without any harassment.

The people of Sri Lanka should realize that the current war against the Tamil nation is an unjust war
waged by an oppressor nation over an oppressed nation. Besides, it is a ploy of the Sri Lankan rulers to divert the people’s attention from the deep crisis afflicting the country. Giving legitimacy to the war would mean lending legitimacy to the further strengthening of the Sri Lankan fascist state machine that is going to be increasingly directed against the vast toiling masses of Sri Lanka who dare to wage struggle against oppression and exploitation. It is the duty of the working class and oppressed people of Sri Lanka to unequivocally oppose the war of genocide and force the government to immediately halt its brutal crimes against the Tamil nation. The aspirations of the Tamil nation cannot be crushed through brutal fascist means. Even if the LTTE suffers a setback today, the unfulfilled aspirations of the Tamil nation will give rise to a more militant national liberation movement.The central committee, CPI(Maoist), demands:

*An immediate declaration of cease-fire by the Sri Lankan Army and end to the genocidal war
it had unleashed on the Tamil nation!
*An end to all aid and support by the Indian government to the terrorist regime in Colombo!
*An impartial enquiry into the war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan military such as mass
murder, use of cluster bombs and other chemical weapons, bombing of civilian targets etc!
*Recognition of an independent, sovereign Eelam which is a legitimate inalienable right of the
Tamil nation in Sri Lanka!

Central Committee, CPI(Maoist)
[From: CPI(Maoist) Information Bulletin, #8, May 15, 2009, pp. 46-48.

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