Saturday, January 25, 2014

25th ID - India’s prisoners are our prisoners! India’s martyrs are our martyrs!

Statement of the NCP (OC) on the International Day of Solidarity and Struggle with Political Prisoners in India
We affirm the full support of our organization for the International Day of support to political prisoners in India called by the International Committee to Support the People’s War in India (ICSPWI). Our organization considers the ongoing war in India to be the key front in the global struggle between imperialism and revolution and the party leading it as the current vanguard in the struggle to practically implement Maoism as the third stage of Marxism and universal ideology of the proletariat.
Here in the US, there are also many political prisoners; communists, revolutionaries and national liberation fighters confined under conditions of isolation torture by the imperialist state, many for decades. The heritage of uncompromising struggle against imperialism they embody is the heritage we proudly uphold against the overwhelming reformism, right opportunism, economism and cultural identity politics which suffocates the popular movement in our country today.
It is our position that the best support we as communists in the imperialist centers can offer to the thousands of comrades facing torture and deprivation in the prisons of the reactionary Indian state and the most meaningful homage we can provide to the thousands who have been killed in combat and in cold blood by the class enemy is to work carefully and consistently to build the subjective basis of socialist revolution in our own countries.
At the current stage of accumulation of forces, this concretely means the ideological and organizational consolidation of advanced elements of the masses around proletarian politics to order to lay the foundations for the establishment of a communist party guided by Maoism. It is not only the communists in oppressed countries who should bear the burdens of war against this system while well wishers offer moral support in the base areas of imperialist capital. US imperialism is already considering more direct aid and support to Operation Green Hunt and the investment, trade and inter-military relations between the two states are significant.
Only a militant class struggle which destroys domestic social peace lead by a communist party towards the goal of the overthrow of the US imperialist state can decisively disrupt the flow of support to the Indian reactionaries. It is with this goal in mind that our organization was founded and we will continue to work towards it inspired by the heroic sacrifices and strategic contributions of our comrades in India.
Central Committee, New Communist Party (Organizing Committee)
January 25, 2014

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